InstaHunk: Jkab Ethan Dale Makes His Thirst Traps a Work of Art

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Jkab advocates for greater Asian representation in the adult film industry. He may be the first Filipino model to work with Sean Cody, but he believes there's a long way to go. "Studios and brands need to be more inclusive," he told Fleshbot. "I want more Asian men to feel welcome in this industry. We're underrepresented, and that needs to change."

One thing Jkab would like to see is more Asians in the industry. Although speculative, many people think Jkab was the first Filipino to model for Sean Cody. "I want studios and brands to use us more, and I want more Asian men to feel welcome," he said in an interview with Fleshbot. "When you look at our industry, Asian men are not represented enough."

At one point during Jkab's adult content journey, a person on TikTok threatened to expose his early sex videos if he didn't remove a specific post. It may seem like a laughable threat, and it was, because Jkab already had stuff on PornHub, but it showed just how strong the stigma against adult entertainment performers was and still is. But with over 64K subscribers on OnlyFans, a loyal mainstream social media following, and the first Asian to win a GAYVN Award, blackmailing him now seems silly.

Jkab's boyfriend is Dean Michaelz who is also in the adult entertainment industry. They met while working on a Broadway tour in 2019. They say they haven't performed together for a studio, but curious followers can see them together on OnlyFans.

Like a shot from "The Little Mermaid," Jkab is reenacting Ariel's iconic crashing wave scene. In some ways, his story is much like hers. He was in a career he loved but found something else beyond it. He risked everything to stay in this world and gradually found the freedom to be and love whomever he wanted out in the open.

Here Jkab is pictured with his best friend and "Miss Saigon" co-star Garrick. Their bodies are fine-tuned perhaps by stamina alone. Sometimes Broadway actors even touring ones do multiple shows a day which means they need to keep in shape. In Jkab's current career, his body is his moneymaker, and working out is just in the job description.

Some people question how relationships work when one or both are in the adult entertainment industry. Jkab says communication is key. "We are fortunate that we are both in the industry because we can empathize and understand what each other has to go through. We rarely get jealous and can separate sex from our emotional connection."

From "Cats" to content creator Jkab has gone from just being on stage to being upstage without having lost his sense of direction. He is an advocate for diversity in the adult content creator space, encouraging everyone to be more sex-positive. Although he says he's not certain about his lasting power in the industry he hasn't drawn the curtain on himself just yet.

by Timothy Rawles

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