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TikTok's Old Gays Have a New Book: 'The Old Gays Guide to the Good Life'

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The Old Gays are back with something to say in a new book titled, "The Old Gays Guide to the Good Life."

Over six years, the four men have become a TikTok sensation, showing people of all sexualities that you can age gracefully and have fun. And that's just the spirit they bring into the book.

If you've been living under a rock, the Old Gays include 80-year-old Robert, Mick, 67, Jessay, 70, and Bill, 79. In an interview with The Guardian, they discuss that the books is a lot about aging, their introductions and dedicated to "those who are no longer here."

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"We're what's left of a generation who succumbed to a very nasty disease," said Mick, who is HIV+. "I'm one of the lucky ones and feel I owe it to people who aren't here to not only tell my story, but to show I can be old, gay, happy and content."

He added, "People see us on their screens, but now they know our challenges; our history. If people can see us living our best lives, thriving, while knowing what we've each lived through? Hopefully that can give people some inspiration to get through their own crises in life. To remember the good times don't last forever, yes, but the bad times don't either."

The Old Gays live in the Palm Springs area, where "there is a large community of older queer people that's very active and vibrant," said Mick.

Their goal is to change gay culture, Mick explained.

"The culture of youth is everything. Once you turn 40, unless you're married and with a big career, you're becoming invisible," he said. "It's the same in many places across the world: mainstream culture emphasises that. We exist to put the lie to that: to spread our energy. Showing the world how life can be, and bringing hope - I think - to people in places where that might not seem possible, whether because of age or sexuality."

Published by William Collins, "The Old Gays Guide to the Good Life" is out on book shelves now. Read the complete interview with The Old Gays in The Guardian.

by Emell Adolphus

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