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Watch: Out Actor Luke Evans Reveals Chiseled Physique in Thirsty Instagram Video


Openly gay film and stage actor Luke Evans turned up the heat and the thirst with a video that showed off how he's more chiseled than ever after dropping 17 pounds in just a couple of months.

"The actor, 44, took to Instagram on Monday to display his ripped physique after shedding the pounds while performing in West End show 'Backstairs Billy,'" detailed UK newspaper the Daily Mail.

"Wanna burn body fat fast?" Evans joked in the post. "DO A WEST END SHOW!!! Dropped 8kg in 10 weeks!! Only down's BLOODY WINTER 🥶"

"Also cooling eye patches are a 44 year old man's best friend," Evans added.

The fit thespian has shared details about his workouts with the press before, the Mail noted, such as when he told TRAIN Magazine about his dedication to getting to the gym.

"Even if I'm absolutely shattered and I don't want to go, I never regret training," Evans said. "I always regret when I decide not to go. If I'm training for a specific role or not, I never spend that long in there. I really go at a particular muscle group hard."

The actor went on to add: "I move fast in the gym - 30 seconds to a minute between each set - and I'm big on supersets. I like getting circuits in as well to really beat up my muscles and I always try to change up my routines."

Evans recently starred opposite Billy Porter in the film festival favorite "Our Son," in which the two actors portray a couple figuring out how to handle their parental responsibilities while going through a divorce. The film has been called a gay version of the classic 1979 domestic drama "Kramer vs. Kramer."

Evans is also known for his role as Gaston in the Disney live-action remake of "Beauty and the Beast." He was set to reprise the role opposite Josh Gad, who was signed to play his film character Le Fou. The series, an eight-episode musical prequel to the film, was put on indefinite hold last year.

As previously reported, Evans' current stage role is that of the gay steward - Billy - to England's Queen Mother, played by Penelope Wilton. The comedy, written by Marcelo Dos Santos, "looks at a pivotal moment in the 50 year relationship between the Queen Mother and her loyal servant," an online description explains.

Evans frequently posts thirst traps to his Instagram. Check out a few of the hottest!

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