10 Times We Fell for Singer and Underwear Model Steve Grand

Timothy Rawles READ TIME: 11 MIN.

Will you accept this rose? In this photo Grand is back in the ocean. It was taken on Valentine's Day in 2022 and he was single at the time. In 2017, Grand was deemed the country's third most eligible gay bachelor by Instinct Magazine. Although his position on that list may have changed, he appears to be still single today. That means someone out there still has a chance.

Grand's underwear company had a Black Friday sale in which certain items were 40% off. That seems fitting considering this jockstrap he is wearing (from his new collection) reveals just as much. If you want to see more of Grand catch him in "Boy Culture: Generation X" where he plays a social media influencer who hires a sex worker for a night of first-time bottoming.

Are you up for the challenge? With the new Netflix reality competition series based off the hit sci-fi show "Squid Game" currently topping the streaming charts, it's no wonder Grand is getting into character by wearing this mask inspired by the villains in that show. Although we love the black bikinis featured in the photo, we also love the leather shoulder straps and cuffs which seem to suggest a challenge a lot more daring than any on the program.

No sexy underwear; no exposed chest or legs. Just plain, handsome Grand looking into the camera in a regular tank top and thoughtful stare. Sometimes what makes a person sexy isn't what they look like without clothes on; it's how they appear in the real world. Grand has overcome many obstacles in his life to become a successful business owner. This shot seems to convey that he is not only grounded, but is very thankful for the fans that keep him that way.

Here is where it all began, with a guitar and a song. In fact, 2023 marks 10 years since the release of "All American Boy." In this shot from 2021 Grand was getting ready to perform it, and other songs from his catalog, at Hartford Pride. Grand recently made an appreciation post for the anniversary of "All American Boy." In it he reflects about the past 10 years and the song's impact on the community. "Now it certainly has not been all sunshine and rainbows...no journey ever is," he writes. "Maybe we'll do that another day. But on this anniversary, I really want to focus on the powerful, positive, enriching aspects of it."

by Timothy Rawles

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