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Our Favorite Queer Music Videos of the Fall so Far

Andrea Marks Joseph READ TIME: 5 MIN.

Our favorite music videos of October were all about queer artists unapologetically serving. The pop girls were pop girling in instantly-iconic outfits, with provocative choreography and undeniable chemistry with their co-stars. Baby Tate performs an ode to lesbian sex; Anitta gets hot and heavy with Damiano; Chrissy Chlapecka flirts with the horror movie killer calling to taunt her; Matt Rogers introduces us to Christmas at the gay club; Troye Sivan stuns in a drag look that "unlocked something" in him; and a bishop has been removed from his position for allowing Sabrina Carpenter to prance around the altar in his church for this music video... Pop music is BACK!

Baby Tate - "Luv Everybody"

This is the pansexual anthem we didn't know we needed. Of course, Baby Tate, being the badass pansexual star that she is, delivered something so real – a sexy song to let the world know that everybody wants her and it's not a problem, because she "luv everybody" and that's a fact. With flirty pre-chorus lyrics like "I got Peter, Mary, Joseph, Paul / Oh my God, I want 'em all," how could we not stan?

Omar Apollo - "Live for Me"

Another Omar Apollo music video off his gorgeous, emotional "Live for Me" EP means more beautifully-filmed visuals that inspire reflection on the meaning of life, the raw truth of relationships with the people you love, and the power of music.

Anitta - "Mil Veces"

All your need to know about this video is that Anitta and Måneskin's Damiano are f*cking and fighting throughout. The scenes that show Anitta rolling her hips while riding the seat of a sports car drove her fans wild when she posted them on Instagram, but really every single shot of this video – from the shower scenes to the tongues and fingers sliding all over each other's bodies – is designed to get you hot and bothered.

Matt Rogers - "Also it's Christmas"

What Matt Rogers is doing for Holiday music right now is game-changing, gay-as-hell magic. As soon as you're ready for the festive vibes in your life, you need to get to his channel. This video, one of many queer comedic offerings for the season, features Zane Phillips and the Old Gays, who join Rogers in telling the story of a guy who feels extremely ready to hook up. " – Also it's Christmas; Did I mention that it's Christmas in this club?" You will have this song stuck in your head for days. Also uniquely perfect is the QR code to shop the "Gay Stranger" T-shirt Zane Phillips wears in the video.

Baby Tate - "Lollipop"

Yeah, we had to include another Baby Tate bop from her recent "Sexploration: The Musical" (head to her Youtube channel for the full experience) stage experience, because the video for "Lollipop" (which the artist calls a "lesbian love song") features super-energetic choreography that simulates sapphic sex, and an introduction that sets the scene perfectly: "How many licks does it take?" Baby Tate asks, and answers: "A lot less when it's just the girls." I mean??

Troye Sivan - "One Of Your Girls"

It's the video of the moment; the look that G Flip and Chrishell recreated for Halloween; the outfit that "unlocked something" in Troye Sivan when he was all done up in sickening drag perfection. "One of Your Girls" is a mesmerizing ode to DL men, and stars the beach blond, more-shirtless-than-not musician Ross Lynch with his jeans undone as he leans back and enjoys the sight of absolute babe Sivan pulling all the pop girl moves.

Kali Uchis - "Te Mata"

The second single from her upcoming album, "Te Mata" sees Kali Uchis gladly becoming the villain if it means she can finally be free and move on from her ex. This video is glamorous, serving drama and cinematic storytelling – a single tear rolling down her cheek; a car exploding; a shot of the artist tipping out her purse to find a gun, as seen through a keyhole... It's all magnificent!

Sabrina Carpenter - "Feather"

Sabrina Carpenter is killing boys and looking cute as hell while doing it. This video has her accused of satanism and possibly being sued again, this time by the church where she was filmed dancing at the altar. "Feather" is a joyous relief of a break-up song, and what better way to celebrate your independence than nonchalantly taking part in the sudden mysterious deaths of several problematic men. The styling in this video is particularly sublime, making it an immediate classic. You can shop the "You act like a bitch" cropped tee seen in the video at the pop star's online store.

Precious Pepala - "Eve"

The video for "Eve" was also filmed in a church, but here Precious Pepala sings about feeling "like the angel who fell, fell for the devil" in this soulful ballad that many queer fans are connecting with the struggle of their religious upbringing. In fact, she wrote this song for a friend who grew up queer in a religious household. The powerful lyrics and imagery (from the red apple, to the cross projected onto the artist's face as she kneels in front of a church choir) movingly convey the turmoil of falling in love with someone "forbidden" and confronting your family with the truth of not being "the angel they want" you to be.

Dorian Electric - "Idolize"

Dorian Electra is giving early Gaga in this video, which sees the artist dancing alongside construction workers in crop tops who are carving the star's likeness into a statue, then painting them official-portrait style in military-inspired uniform. Later, the artist poses in a shooting-target bikini while the paparazzi, wearing camo, photograph them. "Idolize" sees Dorian Electra being worshiped lavishly while we rock to the beat of this catchy tune.

Chrissy Chlapecka - "AFFECTION"

Chrissy Chlapecka is ready for her camp horror movie close-up in this video, which sees her in lingerie, breathily flirting with the killer over the phone. When the voice on the phone says he can see her, Chlapecka asks how she looks, because she's going to a party later. When she's not looking "to die for" opening the door for strange callers, the "AFFECTION" singer is seen in the club dancing all night. As a bonus: the "im so hot" url mentioned in the opening of this video is a real website and worth clicking around on.

Lenny Kravitz - "TK421"

We've included this video as a horny bonus. "TK421" opens with the camera on Lenny Kravitz waking up naked in bed, and continues to be very focused on a naked Kravitz while he dances provocatively around his house, soaps up his abs in the shower, and parades around in flirtatious fun. The camera is mostly focused on Kravitz's crotch, where he covers and uncovers himself just enough to keep you thinking he might be about to flash us again. It's playful and effortlessly cool; everything we know the rockstar to be. You're welcome!

by Andrea Marks Joseph

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