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12 Times Anderson Cooper Turned Heads on Instagram

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Anderson Cooper is one of the most respected and popular TV journalists in the world today. He has been working for CNN in various roles since 2001 and has won awards for his dedication and diligence in the field of newscasting. Fans and viewers know that when Cooper is on the screen, he can be trusted to report the news with authenticity and class. The fact that Cooper is also gay helps inspire young queer people to pursue jobs in the limelight and on television just as Cooper did.

Cooper is not known for sharing that much of his personal life with audiences, but he has given us some tidbits throughout the years. He proudly talked about how surreal it was to become a father, as well as how fellow TV celebrity Andy Cohen has been a best friend for him to lean on for decades now. We decided it was time to dig into Cooper's Instagram account to shed some more light on some of the more intimate moments in the celebrity newscaster's life.

This absolutely precious photo of Anderson Cooper with his son, Wyatt, is captioned with a quote from singer Eden Ahbez about the power of love throughout our lives. It sure seems like Wyatt has given Cooper some incredible perspective on his life and the value he has to other people. Becoming a parent seems to do that for everybody no matter what walk of life they come from, and with good reason!

The shirtless selfie in bed is a classic Instagram thirst trap, although Anderson Cooper doesn't give us more than crumbs here. Fans were still ready to thirst over the news anchor's calm demeanor, gentle smile, and physically fit upper body while he relaxed in bed. Cooper was trying to show off his ability to grow facial hair, a futile attempt that certainly doesn't negatively impact his good looks!

Anderson Cooper was honored to be one of the cover stars of Entertainment Weekly during their Pride edition in June of 2019. The article is supposed to tie in with the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots, and Cooper was happy to give his perspective on these historical events while gracing fans with several sexy photos in the magazine.

Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen have got to be one of our favorite celebrity friendships going right now. Despite fans shipping the two of them, they both insist they're better off as platonic besties. We think this is wonderful! Gay platonic friends are vital to have in the queer community, and this picture of Cohen and Cooper on a vacation together gives us the best vibes!

Anderson Cooper has possessed his signature gray hair for seemingly all of his years in the spotlight. He decided to reach back into the picture vault and share some evidence that he indeed had brown hair at one point in his young adulthood. This photo of him working for a local news station in 1992 is a great throwback!

Anderson Cooper is just like anyone else who has a pet: he likes taking photos of himself with his dog on a lazy morning in bed. Fans loved seeing how connected the dog looks to Cooper, showing how great of a pet owner the newscaster must be!

by Shawn Laib

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