Twitter Tizzy: Two Male British Bake-Off Contestants Cooking Up Sweet Nothings?

by Kilian Melloy

EDGE Staff Reporter

Wednesday October 30, 2019

Reality series "The Great British Bake Off" has just put the frosting on its latest season, but fans of the dessert-centric program have hardly cooled off, thanks to a Twitter frenzy that was kicked off by a sweet, steamy photo of two of the show's contestants folding themselves into each other the way a pastry chef might fold cream into batter.

Both Henry Bird and Michael Chakraverty were handed their aprons and sent out of the kitchen before the season finale, but they've remained fan favorites all the same - at first because Henry was rumored to be in a relationship with a female co-star, Alice Feveronia, a speculation that was fueled by an Instagram photo that Feveronia posted, reported Cosmopolitan.

But Feveronia triggered a whole new sugar rush when she followed up with another photo - this time of Henry and Michael making sweet treats in a kitchen setting, reported UK publication Metro.

Cosmopolitan noted that fans instantly reinterpreted the original Instagram post, which had seemed straight-forward at the time, but which now seemed to have been a subtle tease by Feveronia about the guys' putative relationship.

"But how many couples can you see?" Feveronia's caption quizzed fans about the image, which showed her getting a peck on the cheek from Henry, while behind them Michael got a smooch from different male castmate.

The follow-up photo was one of two pics that Feveronia shared at Twitter. The first one showed Michael and Henry in a kitchen and was captioned, "They've only been here 5 minutes and already raided my cupboards for ingredients..."

The next image showed the two guys cuddling as they stirred up a bowl of batter, with the words "BAE-ke Off" captioning the moment, along with a heart.

While Twitter swoons, Michael and Henry themselves have, as yet, neither confirmed nor denied fans' excited speculations.

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