Who is Todd Sanfield, and Why Do We Want His Underwear?

Friday August 20, 2021
Originally published on August 17, 2021

Who is Todd Sanfield, and Why Do We Want His Underwear?

There are plenty of celebrity-facing brands that catch consumers' eyes for the wishful thinking that they might embody the aura of, say, Khloé Kardashian by buying a pair of her Good American jeans. But what Kardashian did for denim or Rihanna for lingerie, a Detroit pharmacist has done for men's underwear. Todd Sanfield is the face — and body — of his namesake brand, which has nearly 300,000 Instagram followers salivating over which brief he'll appear in next.

Sanfield modeled in New York City before launching Todd Sanfield in 2010 and returning to Michigan to enroll in a doctoral program at Michigan University. More than a decade later, the brand has expanded to swimwear, too, with Sanfield modeling for every photo on his site and social media accounts. That's a lot of underwear.

In a 2016 interview with Paper magazine, Sanfield confessed that working out has been a driving force beyond. "Everything in my life has been planned around the gym," said Sanfield. "I feel like most of my accomplishments are secondary to my dedication to working out." He also admitted to being a "fish geek" in an interview with Underwear Expert, saying at one point he had 15 tropical fish aquariums.

While Sanfield keeps his personal life neatly tucked away out of the public eye, his multiple appearances on the cover of Australia's gay magazine DNA and numerous NSFW projects with photographer Kevin McDermott leave fans with wishful thinking.

"Well, Todd isn't too bad to look at," McDermott told Queerty. "I first met Todd in his hometown of Detroit on the shoot that would become our first photography book together, "Motel/ Hotel." We found out we worked well together and started working with each other from that point on... I suppose people like the sexual energy Todd brings to a shoot."

You can decide for yourself...