Watch: Former Waitress Says Ellen Tried to Get Her Suspended Over Chipped Nail Polish

Saturday August 22, 2020

A comedian and actress told the Daily Mail this week that Ellen DeGeneres tried to get her suspended from her job as a server in Los Angeles back in 2014...because she had chipped nail polish.

Chris Farah said she was a server at the vegan restaurant Real Food Daily at the time and served Ellen with no problem. But a week later, Farah, 35, claims the talkshow icon emailed the owner of the restaurant and complained that her nail polish was chipped.

"She really went out of her way to try to hurt someone who was beneath her and serving her," Farrah told the Daily Mail. "You're going to try to take money away from me for two weeks because you don't like the way my nails looked? It's shitty. It's not anything akin to her image of 'be kind.' It's unnecessarily cruel and out of touch, and doesn't understand the repercussions. It's a crazy thing to do."

Her bosses alleged tried to suspend her for two weeks without pay but Farrah told "Inside Edition" that she quit instead.

"I felt mostly just sad that Ellen is so rich and powerful and a female comedienne would take her time to hurt someone who she would probably guess was somewhat of a starving artist," she told the program.

Watch Farrah speak with "Inside Edition" below.

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