Watch: Gay Father, Adopted Son Join The Cut for Moving Edition of 'Truth or Drink'

by Kilian Melloy

EDGE Staff Reporter

Thursday January 7, 2021

Austin, left, and his adoptive father Craig, right
Austin, left, and his adoptive father Craig, right  (Source:Screencap/The Cut/YouTube)

Hearts melted across the internet when a gay father and his adopted son - also gay - were featured on "Truth or Drink," a YouTube series from The Cut that pairs people up and has them "ask each other a set of uncomfortable questions." The segment is hilarious... and touching.

Austin is the adopted son of Craig and Craig's male partner. Austin explained that he had been adopted at age 13, and that his biological mother had been "a drug addict". Later, Austin added that his biological parents had rejected him at an early age because they could see that he was gay, with his mother telling him, "I hate you, but I have to deal with you."

Craig spoke to how traumatizing the youth's early years had been, saying "It took him almost a year, a year and a half before he would even talk to us." Eventually, Craig said, Austin "started to trust us" and "he started blooming into this beautiful, amazing, artistic creature."

Some generational differences between father and son emerged; asked, "What do you guys think of the label 'queer?' " Austin said, "I don't have a problem with it," but Craig did.

" 'Queer' and 'faggot' have a painful connotation to me." Craig said, though he then acknowledged, "the new generation absolutely have adopted it as a banner, if you will."

Later, Austin sought clarification for the question, "Who's the oldest person you've dated?"

"Dated? Austin said. "Or had sex with?" He then went on to note, "Fifty-year-olds on the West Coast really know how to preserve themselves."

When it came to "any sex advice" that Craig might want to impart, the adoptive father told his son, "Enjoy it! It's not bad. It's one of the most potent and beautiful things two people can ever share."

"Well," noted Austin, "sometimes it's more than two."

Craig's speechless response was priceless.

Austin asked how Craig would have raised him if he had been straight, and heard a response any child, gay or straight, can only hope a parent might offer: "Whatever I think you needed to know, I would have shared, regardless of your sexuality."

That paternal concern come through strongly again when Craig heard about Austin's experiences with homophobic harassment, and admitted that he worries for his son's safety "all the time." Then, tearfully, Craig asked his son if he'd done a good job raising him.

"I'm happy for everything you've done for me," Austin said, "and I would ever change anything about that." Added Austin: "I love you very much."

The internet swooned.

"I am heterosexual myself and my father died when i was 3 years old and i would have loved to have a supporting father like this," one person wrote at the YouTube page where the clip was shared.

"Dude made my heart twist and I'm a straight dude with no children," another put in.

Another summarized: "dad of the century!"

Watch the segment below.

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