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Washington Mother Beats, Robs Son's Grindr Date; Son Joins In

by Kilian Melloy

EDGE Staff Reporter

Wednesday November 25, 2020

Washington Mother Beats, Robs Son's Grindr Date; Son Joins In
  (Source:Associated Press)

A woman in Washington State has been charged with assaulting and robbing a man her son met on Grindr in November of last year. The woman's son reportedly joined his mother and another man in beating the victim, reports local newspaper the Kitsap Sun.

39-year-old Branndi McCarter of University Place, Washington, allegedly followed her son to a rendezvous arranged by the son and another man using Grindr, the news story said. According to the assault victim, who lives in Bremer, Washington, he and McCarter's son (who was not identified in the news account) were in the victim's home and had "started having sex" when "somebody started banging on his door."

The victim "answered the door and a woman and another man barged into his house," the Kitsap Sun reported. "The woman said her son was under 18 and he could go to jail for soliciting a minor."

Then all three - McCarter, the man who was with her, and McCarter's son - "began beating the victim," the newspaper said. McCarter reportedly struck the victim with a club and also pistol-whipped him with his own gun. The assailants "demanded money" and "ransacked his house," the news account said, and McCarter took the man's gun with her when she left. She has been "charged as an accomplice in three crimes: second-degree assault, unlawful imprisonment and theft of a firearm," the newspaper said.

The age of McCarter's son was not reported, but the news item said he was in his teens.

McCarter insisted to police that the beating victim - who is 30 years old - should be charged for having sex with a minor. No charges against the man were reported.

But the article detailed separate charges against McCarter, who reportedly used the same club in a "road rage incident" in March of 2019. The victim in that case was a woman who told police that McCarter struck her with a club that "looked like something bought at a spiritual, hippie or witchcraft store," whereas the male victim in the November assault said that the club McCarter struck him with "had a dragon's head on it".

McCarter is being held on $75,000 bail.

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