Getting Dirty, Sexy And Funny With Tony Tripoli

by Tony Reverditto

Rage Monthly

Thursday August 11, 2011

Tony Tripoli brings his scathingly brash humor to the Celebration Theatre for three nights of stand-up, August 12 through 14. You've seen him on Two and a Half Men, Gossip Queens, Pretty Hurts, Fashion House and Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List. He is also the opening act for Joan Rivers when she is on the road, not to mention her head writer who comes up with the hilarious one-liners she uses in her act on her reality show, and on Fashion Police on E! He admits he should be troubled by the fact that all his jokes make perfect sense coming out of the mouth of a 78 year old Jewish lady, but he says,"screw it, she's a legend."Currently he's working more than ever and is set up for two more gay cruises before the year's end and is a regular on E!'s Hilarious Clips Show (50 Most Insane Reality Moments) that is airing now.

Right after graduating from the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles, you moved to Japan and took a gig at Tokyo Disneyland. What exactly did you do there?

I was Prince Charming; furthering the rumors that Cinderella married a homo. But, c'mon, the signs were everywhere: He threw a huge dance party. Everyone was required to attend, like it or not. He even spent the next day driving all over town to find a shoe, because it was so fabulous?? Sorry, bitch, you got what you deserved.

Being a comedy writer for Joan Rivers must be a blast, your one-liners are hilarious. How did you land that job?

It's amazing how life works sometimes. Last summer I saw Joan's documentary, A Piece Of Work and the next day, THE NEXT DAY, I got a call from E! asking if I was available to go to Joan's house and write the promos for the return of Fashion Police. "Uh... yeah, I'm available!" When that first meeting was over, Joan said goodbye to the other writers and kept me behind. She stuck her head out the front door, and said, "Tony is going to use the restroom, so don't wait up." Then, she locked the door-LOCKED IT! I thought, "I'm about to get yelled at by my childhood comedy idol. I must've talked too much, or been too dirty, or God knows what." Then Joan spun around and put her finger right in my face and said "YOU!" I'm pretty sure I peed a tiny bit right then as she continued, "You...are not leaving this house until you agree to be the head writer of Fashion Police. I'll lock you in the basement if I have to, I have to have you," and literally from that moment, Joan has involved me in every job she's done-she changed my life overnight. The woman is so busy, it's unreal and regardless of how many planes she's been on, or how little sleep she's had, she is always kind to everyone on her team. She has a gratitude that is so inspiring and a work ethic you cannot believe. And let me tell you, her voicemail messages are genius! Every time she calls me, she starts with,"Hello Tony, it's Joan Rivers,"and I'm like,"Um, I kinda recognize your voice, you know..."

How's your love life going in L.A.?

I recently turned 40, which I didn't realize is a misdemeanor in L.A.-it fucking sucks. Dating is already tough in SoCal, since the biggest assholes from all over the country move here-mostly to do reality shows and the ones that throw shade at me at Marix (a Tex-Mex restaurant). I tend to date guys that are...what's the word? NOT WHITE. I have found, the less English a man speaks, the better off we will be. It seems to work out best for both of us. But, yeah, I'm single at the moment. Hear that, Guys? Single, starved down and can introduce you to Joan Rivers-talk about husband material!

You are a crack-up! I was going to say, that after they read this and find out that you are single and looking, you will be flooded with proposals. Actually, don't count on it; the type of guys that you are attracted to don't read English. Nonetheless, thanks again for your time and wit and break a leg at the Celebration Theatre.

TONY TRIPOLI - DIRTY SEXY FUNNY runs August 12 through 14 at the Celebration Theatre, 7051 Santa Monica Blvd., Hollywood. Tickets: 323.957.1884 or

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