Watch: Talking 'Uncoupled' with Neil Patrick Harris and Brooks Ashmanskas

by Steve Duffy

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Thursday August 4, 2022
Originally published on July 28, 2022

Neil Patrick Harris and Brooks Ashmanskas
Neil Patrick Harris and Brooks Ashmanskas  

On "Uncoupled," the new Netflix show that begins airing on Friday, July 28, Neil Patrick Harris plays a successful, Manhattan real estate broker who is dumped by his partner of 17 years (Tuc Watkins). Single and middle-aged, he faces dating again, but in the brave new world of hook-up apps, PrEP, and botoxed buttholes. The series is the brainchild of Darren Star ("And Just Like That") and Jeffrey Richman ("Frasier"), who find comedy in this older fish-in-new-water scenario.

On the show, Harris is joined by Tony-nominated actor Brooks Ashmanskas ("The Prom" on Broadway) who plays one of his bffs, an unlucky-in-love art gallery owner named Stanley.

EDGE spoke to the actors about the show. (Note: edited for clarity).

EDGE: So let's start with you. What are your thoughts on the importance of a strong support system, especially in the LGBT community?

Brooks Ashmanskas: Well, I think in any community, it is vitally important. But in the LGBTQ+ community, I feel like it's our responsibility to support one another. And it's also our choice of whom we choose to have around us. And we choose, I say this a lot, is we choose our families that we have immediately. And without those chosen families, I don't think we can get through much of anything. So I think in answer to your question, it is vitally important to have a support group,

EDGE: Now, what was it about this role that intrigued you?

Neil Patrick Harris: I loved being the head of a show that was gay characters living a specific gay existence through a very gay relationship collapsing, and yet I don't think it is singularly for a gay audience. So being able to play the human-relatable kind of universal nuance of all of the emotions that anyone feels when they're in relationship trauma. I don't know, I thought that was fun. Often times you make content and you are pretty aware that it's going to be a singular thing —action movie or a kids' show or something — and I feel like what we're doing with uncoupled is making a very universal and relatable comedy about a breakup, which is kind of never been done before.

EDGE: And if you guys were going to be on Grindr, what would your profile pic and tagline be?

Neil Patrick Harris: I'm a big fan of the loins. Yeah, the whole the whole part.. not just the slappy in the stinkers, but not also just the gaping mob — like the all of it. So I would probably do a pic of my taint. A taint pic (the perineum).The tagline?

Brooks Ashmanskas: Taint nobody's business.

Neil Patrick Harris: That's great. It's a Musical Theater reference.

Brooks Ashmanskas: Of course. I'm a homosexual. I mean, allegedly... My picture would just be it just would be no picture at all. And I think think it would be, I don't know, "This means you."

Neil Patrick Harris: You're gonna get a bunch of them.

Brooks Ashmanskas: No, I haven't heard anything yet, strange.

"Uncoupled" drops on Netflix on July 29, 2022.