The Romantic Lead

by Blythe Landry

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Thursday February 26, 2009

The Romantic Lead

Gene Dante channels his inner-Bowie, circa "Labyrinth," in his new release by Omnirox Entertainment, The Romantic Lead. Think "Rent" with a twist of Brian Eno. Not only is his voice frighteningly similar to Bowie's; his influence is clearly embedded in this 80s genre, with a twist of the new millennium.

Drummer Tamora Gooding, bassist Jim Collins and guitarist Scott Patalno (formerly of Mistle Thrush), Dante offers alluring music that invites the intensity and even tragedy can be evoked by the disc's title. It is clear from reading interview with Gene Dante, as well as listening to his music, that The Romantic Lead epitomizes his view of the wounded Phoenix rising from his ash as the winner in life.

His lyrics and sentiments are to pop culture what Sondheim's are to musicals: Vigorous and raw truth. This culmination of musical genres makes sense when you learn that Gene Dante is not only a rock musician, but also a former member of the casts of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show," "Hedwig and the Angry Inch," and "Beauty and the Beast" (where, true to his intensity and his focus on redemption in his music and lyrics, played The Beast.

Highlights are A Madness to His Method, in which the lyrics "I am gorgeous, I am without disease..." personify Dante's perception of the romance with self; Brian, My Darling; and The Dreamers.

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