See Why Apt. Seeking Out Dancer Was Labeled 'NYC Hottest Roommate'

Monday February 1, 2021

Saverio Pescucci
Saverio Pescucci  (Source:Instagram)

An out, hunky dancer went looking for a place to live this week and found himself in the New York Post labeled "NYC's hottest roommate."

Last week Saverio Pescucci went to the Facebook group Gypsy Housing in search of a place in Brooklyn or downtown Manhattan and included some pics of himself in the ad. The native of the Italian region of Tuscany saw his post go viral with some 600 likes and more than 400 comments, most unrelated to his housing needs.

He posted the pics, he told the Post, to show people he wasn't a sociopath, but never imagined "that it would turn into an episode of 'The Bachelor.'"

Last Monday, as part of his search for a room to rent in Brooklyn or downtown Manhattan, Saverio Pescucci took to the 284,800-member Gypsy Housing group on Facebook — and included a handful of photos of himself to put a face to the ad. The Tuscany, Italy, native's post quickly went viral, netting some 600 likes and more than 400 comments, most having nothing to do with his house hunt.

"[The] hot ones are never straight," said one woman the Post reported. Another said, "You're cute ... that's all I have to offer you. A compliment." Comments from men included, "You won't be paying rent for too long once you get here ... [you're] f—king hot," and "I don't have a room, but I have space in my heart."

26-year-old Hassan Salazar, a drag performer from Queens. responded" "I don't have a room but I am single," later adding, "I'm just here to snatch myself a good man. He can have my apartment lol."

"I like that he was a dancer and I liked his eyebrows," Salazar told The Post. "I'm going to consider my marriage proposal as pending."

Pescucci, who has lived in New York City for six years, said the ad "wasn't a thirst trap."

Nor have the responses made him uncomfortable, just overwhelmed. "It was like, like, like, comment, comment, DM, DM. It was just a lot."

He responded with, "Omg, just waking up and what is happening on this post!?!?? I just wanted a room!!!!" Then added: "Thank you for all the sweet and kind words and help finding a room! I'll read all the comments as ... soon as I get a chance!"

Pescucci declined to tell the Post his relationship status, though didn't rule out dating one of his new fans. "Life is unpredictable and you never know. Maybe my future husband will be one of the commenters on this post."

"No matter what," adds the Post, "Pescucci — who was put out of work as a Broadway and ballet dancer by the pandemic, but will soon start a job at an Italian food distributor — has a new place to show off. He snagged a room in a three-bedroom Williamsburg apartment."

"The funny thing is that I didn't find it from the post!" he said, adding he found it through another Gypsy Housing ad.

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