Watch: Before he Wore Met Gala Black Dress, Troye Sivan Rocked a Jockstrap

Sunday September 19, 2021
Originally published on September 15, 2021

Before he wore his sexy ankle-length black dress for the Met Gala, Troye Sivan took some pics in his hotel room as he got ready and posted the snaps to Instagram.

In a series of four pics, the 26-year-old singer is seen first in a black-and-white pic of him wearing a jockstrap with a Cartier necklace. "Angel Baby," reads the pic, referencing the title of his new song, which he called his x

The second pic, also in black-and-white, shows the out pop singer in his black dress as he adjusted his leather arm band, worn in tribute to the late photographer Robert Mapplethorpe.

The third pic — in color — shows Sivan standing in front of a mirror wearing his Cartier necklace. And the fourth, again in black-and-white, is a shot of the jock strap and a pair of black leather boots on the floor.

He also posted a video of himself in the black dress and Cartier necklace walking across the terrace of his hotel suite with the words MET gala†@cartier.

And he posted a third pic of himself on the red carpet at the gala.

There, he told Keke Palmer "about the look saying that when he thinks of America, he thinks of New York City, minimal, as well as black and white," writes Out Magazine. †

"I think of leather," he said pointing to the strap around his arm and mentioning Robert Mapplethorpe. "I just wanted to be hot."