Collateral Damage: Watch What Happens when IG Hunk Harry Jowsey Tweets and Distracts a Driver

Wednesday May 5, 2021
Originally published on May 2, 2021

Harry Jowsey
Harry Jowsey  (Source:Instagram)

When social influencer and reality show star Harry Jowsey was posting on social media the other day, something unexpected happened — "the signature sound of metal grating on metal and crushing glass — the unmistakable onomatopoeia of a car crash," reported the website Dextero.

"It seems that a driver got a tad distracted at seeing Jowsey standing in front of his fly Range Rover with a mountain of valuable consoles, and ended up sideswiping another oncoming vehicle, making for a grimace-worthy accident."

He posted the moment of the crash on Twitter that shows his reaction to the accident in real time.

Jowsey said in a deleted video he posted on IG: "I was filming this giveaway, and this dude just got sideswiped and almost died by this chick, in this Beamer." Just absolutely ***ed the side of her car."

In a second tweet he showed the black SUV with a smashed-in driver's side door with a white BMW nearby, though the damage to the other vehicle was not seen. "That's not all; Jowsey even claimed that the BMW's driver initially tried to run away from the incident, but luckily, it seems she thought better of it in the end," added Dextero.

Harry Jowsey in images from his tweet of the moment when a car crash distracted him  (Source: Twitter)

"While it's understandable that anyone would be shaken up after witnessing an accident, Jowsey seems to have taken the situation in stride, prompting a slew of humorous comments poking fun at his blasé reaction to a fender bender that could have ended with a much more serious outcome."

Jowsey was one of the break-out personalities on Netflix's dating reality show "Too Hot to Handle" with 3.6 million followers on Instagram and some 87,000 followers on Twitter. As EDGE reported in March, the entrepreneurial Jowsey makes $19,730 per sponsored IG post.

Cosmopolitan wrote about Jowsey's claim to fame: "He dubbed the term 'Boyfriend Dick' when explaining his own peen. "It's not too big, it's not too small. Just perfect. Looks pretty." And boy, oh boy, did he start a revolution (...and apparently also a T-shirt line, which we are in no way affiliated with)."

About the accident, Twitter user Lex (@CearlockLexy) joked, "they probably got distracted by you," punctuated with four imojis of faces with tears of joy.

See why Jowsey was such a distraction: