Cyndi Lauper Slams Gay Trump Supporter's Cover Version of 'True Colors'

Thursday October 22, 2020

Brandon Straka
Brandon Straka  (Source:Screen cap/Brandon Straka/Twitter)

Popstar Cyndi Lauper has spoken out against openly gay Trump Supporter Brandon Straka for creating his own version of her LGBTQ anthem "True Colors," the Daily News reports.

"We have free speech in this country, which I would never change," Lauper told the Daily News in response to Brandon Straka, the founder of the #WalkAway campaign.

"But we also have the freedom to not listen to things that are coming from a place of hate and divisiveness," Lauper added, "and we have the right to not want our beautiful music co-opted for the wrong reasons."

The recording artist, who has been a longtime ally of the LGBTQ community, told the Daily News that she had not heard Straka's cover version, and did not intend to listen to it. "I recorded 'True Colors' to be a healing song and it's not appropriate for anything MAGA related," she said.

Straka posted his cover of the song in the form of a music video to YouTube and Twitter. on Oct. 12, media sources said. YouTube took the video down over copyright concerns, but the Twitter post is still active.

"This video is dedicated from me to the ceaselessly maligned Patriots in the MAGA movement," Straka tweeted in the text accompanying the video. "To our law enforcement under attack. To those destroyed by the politicization of a virus. To every black/brown/LGBT person who's been ostracized for thinking for themselves."

The video shows street violence and burning vehicles, intercut with black and white mages of Straka singing in a studio. The video goes on to show portraits of people wearing MAGA hats and posing with Trump-supportive banners.

Straka was criticized in 2018 for reportedly using Shutterstock images for memes that purported to be testimonials from former liberals who were "walking away" from the Democratic party. Straka agreed that the images were "fake," but claimed not to have created the memes, blaming them on unknown parties on the political left.

While many in the LGBTQ community regard the Trump administration with concern due to the administration's attempts to roll back protections won during the Obama years, Straka said last summer that he had been attacked and called an anti-gay slur by several Black Lives Matters protestors he encountered while leaving the White House.

"Every LGBT person in America should be terrified by the direction we are headed in," Straka said in a tweet, referencing the encounter.

The cover of Straka's cover version can be viewed in the tweet embedded below.

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