Eight-Year-Old Girl Expelled by Christian School Over Crush on Another Girl

by Kevin Schattenkirk

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Sunday January 31, 2021

An eight-year-old girl was expelled from a Christian school in Oklahoma for telling another girl she has a crush on her, The Daily Mail reports.

Delanie Shelton said Rejoice Christian School, in Owasso, called her in after daughter Chloe expressed her feelings to her crush on the playground. Delanie defended her daughter, "I said if we're being honest, I think it's okay for girls to like girls and she looked shocked and appalled."

The school expelled both Chloe and her five-year-old brother, and the family must now find a new school for their children.

"They ripped my kids out of the only school they've ever really known away from their teachers and friends they've had over the past four years over something my daughter probably doesn't know or fully understand," Delanie said.

She also told FOX23 News, "Chloe said the vice principal sat her down and says the Bible says you can only marry a man and have children with a man. My daughter was crying saying 'Does God still love me?'"

"Whatever makes people happy they should be allowed to do. She was upset and crying and asking me if 'God still loves me,' if she is 'wrong' for the way that she feels," Delanie said, adding that she's trying to instill in her children a sense of acceptance — that people can love whomever they want.

The school released a brief statement to FOX23: "Due to privacy and other factors, it is the school's policy to refrain from public comments regarding any particular student or family."

Rejoice Christian Schools, founded in 1992 and with currently more than 1,000 students, describes itself as "one of the largest Christian schools in the Tulsa area. It is our Vision to be a Christian school that provides students with excellence in education and strength in character so that students will be spiritually, intellectually, physically, and socially equipped to impact their community and the world for Christ."

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