Gay WH Staffer Said President Biden Gave Him Courage to Come Out

by Kevin Schattenkirk

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Friday January 22, 2021

Brendan Cohen with President Joe Biden
Brendan Cohen with President Joe Biden  (Source:Brendan Cohen / Twitter)

A gay Wisconsin man who said President Biden gave him the courage to come out will manage the President's social media accounts, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Brendan Cohen, 26, said that when he was contending with his sexual orientation in high school, he saw the then-Vice President Biden speaking in support of same-sex marriage on television. "In high school, as I was coming to terms with the fact that I was a gay man, I realized pretty early on that one political party supported my rights and the other didn't. It was the initial spark that got me to start paying attention and got me involved," Cohen said.

As a result, Cohen began volunteering for a variety of campaigns, "everything from like City Council and state Senate races up to the president." He discovered a passion for politics and moved to Washington D.C. after graduating college, and took a position with a fundraising firm supporting Democratic candidates.

Cohen briefly worked as digital director for the congressional campaign of Dan Koh in Massachusetts, and then in 2018 with Democratic candidate Tony Evers on a successful run for the Wisconsin governorship. Cohen said that he watched the Democratic presidential primaries, waiting for President Biden to enter the race. And when Biden entered, Cohen applied to — and has continued to — work with the Biden camp.

"It was honestly a dream come true," Cohen says and explains that the best moment was when the President won the election in November. "The feeling of, you know, pulling it off was just really an incredible feeling."

Since Wednesday's inauguration, Cohen has been running the President's social media, the presence of which is focused on connecting with the whole of the American public.

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