Are You Ready for This Wrinkly Face Mask?

Wednesday November 25, 2020

Billy (Will) models his The Ballbag Face Mask.
Billy (Will) models his The Ballbag Face Mask.  (Source:Instagram)

Looking for that unusual stocking stuffer?

A British adult sex fashion site dedicated to testicular fashion accessories has given a nod to the pandemic with their latest product — |the BallBag Face Mask.

"The face mask in question is basically just a silicone mask that looks like a wrinkly sack of balls. It's sold by, a site that only sells testicle-centric merchandise, and will run you around £24.99," reports the NSFW site The Sword (Approximately $32.00 at current currency exchange rates.)

"After a huge number of requests I'm finally very happy to introduce the new Ballbag Face Mask," writes the site's founder Will (Billy) in describing the mask.

He introduced the mask last March with this tweet:

"Specifically designed to fit snuggly round the nose and mouth, the BallBag Face Mask will not only protect you from air born nasties but will spread happiness and joy wherever you wear it."

Billy posted this Instagram to promote the product:

In addition to the facemask, features a variety of products, including a Ballbag Coin Purse & Testicle Sack (a hot item currently sold out), holiday ornaments consisting of cocks or balls; "Dick Y-Fronts," a pair of underwear with a dildo attached; a Hairy Testicle key ring; The Little Willy Fridge Magnet ("Shut the fridge and watch it wibble"); the Ultimate Willy Straw Cock Bong & Bottle Topper, a device to drink shots through a dildo; and The Original BillysBallBag, which if worn properly makes someone look like a really Bad Grandpa.

On the BillysBallBags site, Billy posted this picture with this description to display The Original BillysBallBag:

"I recently organised my best mates Stag do which was a massive success. I didnt want to dress him up in the traditional "Dress/Morph suit/Dildo" so I decided to attempt to make him a pair of "Bad Grandpa" inspired Dangly Testicles. I have had experience with make up and creating prosthetics in the past and after a couple of attempts I managed to make a very convincing pair.

"He had so much positive attention and feedback that I have decided to sell this product to other Best Men or fancy dress lovers out there who want to stand out from the crowd."

He adds that more products are to come, concluding with this exit line: "All the Breast and hope you have a Ball."

Check out these cheeky Instagram from Billy's feed:

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