Adult Performer Sean Ford Seeks Changes in Politics & Sexual Perceptions

Sunday October 18, 2020

Sean Ford
Sean Ford  (Source:Instagram)

"Everyone is political, whether they choose to speak or be silent," says model and adult male performer Sean Ford in an interview on the website LadyGunn.

And Ford chooses to speak. In the latest issue of V Magazine, he expresses his feelings on marginalized professions, community connection, and abolishing the police, as well as urging readers to get out and vote. His comments came as part of the magazine's Thought Leaders series.

"I think where our voting power can really be applied and felt is in local and congressional elections. If we devote a lot of our energy toward more local political agendas, it can be felt more immediately by people who need to be uplifted in our political system. If politicians aren't afraid enough of us, things tend to stay the same. So, I think we need to engage in more direct action and confront politicians to their faces," he writes.

He also starred in a NSFW short film for Ludovic de Saint Sernin's sex toy line that can be viewed at this link that tastefully shows him having a morning wank.

He also addressed feeling marginalized as a sex worker. "It's not the same as people who engage in sex work in more risky scenarios. But adult performers do experience the levers of power being used against them and discrimination in their industry, especially if they're not white. A lot of them are showing solidarity with marginalized communities and workers of all stripes."

He ended by expressing his political wishlist. "I believe in down-ballot initiatives and getting progressives elected. That's how I think we can maximize our gains. Everyone should read more Marxist theory and study revolutionary thinkers like Angela Davis. People said that abolishing slavery and segregation were out of the question at the time, but people did it. So we can abolish police. We can abolish prisons if we collectively decide to do that. I would encourage people to think bigger."

Ford, who has won awards for his work in adult films, was featured in a profile in Interview Magazine this past January, where he was called "an up-and-coming fashion darling... "eager to change people's perception of pornography."

The 23-year-old Little Rock native "hopes to celebrate and normalize 'the image of gay love and intimacy as more of a public sphere.' He's been part of the adult film industry for roughly three years and has since appeared in over 40 scenes. Ford currently works with CockyBoys, a New York-based gay porn studio known for producing gay films infused with experimental arthouse erotica."

I believe that queer love shouldn't only exist in the narrow scope of porn," he says in the interview. "I've been trying to push it onto others, working with fashion designers who also appreciate sexuality and don't try to hide from it. I think, in that regard, pushing the idea and image of gay love and intimacy as more of a public sphere and not so much as the disposable thing that porn tends to construe it as."

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