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We Need to Talk About HIV and Mental Health

By Jerry Yelton, QNotes Contributor | Nov 19
Rarely - if ever - are stories about the intersection of mental health issues with HIV status heard. Individuals living with HIV have a far greater likelihood of experiencing mental health problems than the general population.

Documentary About Anxiety Taps a World-Class Athlete

By Mark Kennedy | Oct 14
A new documentary about anxiety argues that everyone to some extent suffers from stress, nerves and social fear. And, to make their point, the filmmakers have enlisted as Exhibit A the most decorated Olympian in history.

Pressure to Follow Binaries Puts Bi Individuals at Higher Risk for Mental Health Issues

By Tucker Berardi | Sep 30
Deemed immoral by heterosexuals and noncommittal by gay communities, many bisexuals have to fight for a place to fit in, and no one is offering a space.

Suicide Prevention Resources Just A Call Away

By Dana M. Cea, QNotes Guest Contributor | Sep 16
Suicide knows no boundaries. It affects all age groups, all races, all ethnicities, all socioeconomic statuses, all religions, all geographic regions - you name it. But there's help available.

Mental Makeover Month

By Jacob Glass | Mar 26
We must be very careful what we agree to, even mentally, because what we agree with, we are creating for ourselves. Just as there are no idle thoughts, there are no idle agreements, and that includes the next four years.

LGBT Mental Health

By James Guay | Jul 3
Due to societal prejudice, discrimination and violence against LGBTQ people, rates of depression, anxiety, suicide attempts, post-traumatic stress disorder, substance use and physical health disparities, are common among sexual and gender minorities.

Dr. Jenn's Big Three: Connect. Communicate, Listen

By Tony Reverditto | May 7
People see Mann in her private practice for a variety of reasons: Relationship issues, parenting advice, eating disorders, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, self-esteem, trauma and sexual abuse. With this interview, the doctor is in!

Cleaning Your Spiritual House

By Jacob Glass | Sep 26
The question is, "Is this serving me, in living the life I choose for myself? Is this contributing to my peace and joy, or taking me farther from it?"

The Do's and Don'ts for Avoiding Self-Harm

By EDGE | Mar 23
Many people are in a relationship with a significant other who is grappling with some form of self-destructive behavior. Here's how to help them.

Standing Proud in Who You Are

By Kim Stanwood Terranova | Jul 13
Our history, or our story, has delivered us to where we are in this moment. What we choose to do with our story from this point forward is what will determine our destiny and how we may describe ourselves in the future.

1 thru 10 of 10 Stories