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A Secret Love: Lesbian couple in documentary covers amazing decades

By Brian Bromberger | Wednesday Jun 17, 2020
While seemingly a family affair, 'A Secret Love' doesn't shy from tense squabbles and disturbing history, showcasing the steadfast devotion and fidelity of these two women's relationship, paralleling the entire arc of modern LGBTQ history.

Pride, Pose, Dear... and more: The Lavender Tube on Supremes, progress and Pride programming

By Victoria A. Brownworth | Wednesday Jun 17, 2020
'Pose' season 2 hits Netflix, 'Queer Eye' takes a fifth, 'Hannibal' is devilishly delicious, 'Dear...' showcases iconic Americans, and Pride simulcasts should rainbow up your viewing.

Negotiating Risk: Sex in the time of pandemics

By Race Bannon | Wednesday Jun 17, 2020
How does one have sex without having been sheltered in place exclusively with someone? How does one have sex when the virus is potentially passed by the most casual of unmasked contacts?

Tom Goss' new song 'Regretting' focuses on a tenuous relationship

By Jim Provenzano | Wednesday Jun 17, 2020
Gay singer-songwriter Tom Goss just released an emotional single and music video, "Regretting" starring 'Mean Girls' actor Daniel Franzese, from his seventh album, 'Territories.'

San Francisco Opera cancels 2020 season

By Jim Provenzano | Tuesday Jun 16, 2020
San Francisco Opera announced the difficult decision to cancel its Fall 2020 Season due to the ongoing pandemic. Nearly 40 music productions and programs have been put on hold or cancelled, while online programming continues.

Litquake's 'You, Me, And Everyone In Quarantine' June 16

By Jim Provenzano | Tuesday Jun 16, 2020
For a bit of in-home literary inspiration, log on to the Litquake-sponsored reading, with Irene McCalphin, SevanKelee Boult, Wo Chan, Katie Fricas, Preeti Vangani, and host Baruch Porras-Hernandez.

André Leon Talley's 'The Chiffon Trenches: a Memoir' shares the fashion guru's life by design

By Cornelius Washington | Tuesday Jun 16, 2020
On the heels of his record-breaking documentary, The Gospel According to Andre, André Leon Talley has published the tome, The Chiffon Trenches: a Memoir, a brave, stylish, naked look at the life and career of the grand, gluttonous eunuch of fashion.

Love, Victor: a watchable but wasted opportunity

By Brian Bromberger | Tuesday Jun 16, 2020
The Disney castoff 'Love, Victor,' now on Hulu, is nothing like its source, 'Love, Simon.' Lacking the modest charm and suspense of the original, the characters and plot sound familiar, like Disney's 'High School Musical,' without the songs.

Oakland's Port Bar's open for cocktails and tacos

By Jim Provenzano | Monday Jun 15, 2020
Need a bit of nightlife drinks and food in Oakland? The Port Bar offers To Go service every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday until they are allowed to move to the state's allowance for "Dine-In".

Proudly Resilient hosts forums with leaders, artists and comics

By Jim Provenzano | Monday Jun 15, 2020
This year hundreds of Pride celebrations have been canceled or postponed worldwide. In response, Out Leadership, the oldest and largest global LGBT+ Business network has created Proudly Resilient, 30 days celebrating the LGBT+ identity.

Artists create new Black Lives Matter mural in Western Addition

By Jim Provenzano | Saturday Jun 13, 2020
The latest Black Lives Matter street mural, created on June 12 by was painted on Fulton Street with a direct view toward San Francisco's City Hall. Photographer Gooch captured a unique angle when he and his husband participated in the painting event.

Homing's In: arts, community & nightlife events June 11-18

By Jim Provenzano | Thursday Jun 11, 2020
As Pride month continues, events multiply, from drag tributes to concerts and cultural and community events.

The heart of a hustler: David P. Wichman's 'Every Grain of Sand'

By Jim Piechota | Wednesday Jun 10, 2020
Author, sexual healer, and entrepreneur David Wichman has come a long way. His new memoir, a book humming with confidence, pride, and self-reflective wisdom, describes the lengthy road into and out of years of abuse, addiction, and rehabilitation.

How to be an Anti-Racist: some readings

By Victoria A. Brownworth | Wednesday Jun 10, 2020
There are many books to be read on race, many primers on how to be anti-racist. Here are just a few. think of it as a starter kit.

Trio of early queer films stream online via The Roxie and Kino Marquee

By Jim Provenzano | Tuesday Jun 9, 2020
Three rarely screened 'bent' film classics will stream June 12 on the Roxie's website. 'Victor and Victoria,' 'Mädchen in Uniform' and 'Michael' show decidedly queer portrayals in the 1930s.

Sampson McCormick on finding humor in tumultuous times

By Jim Provenzano | Tuesday Jun 9, 2020
In the new video of his recent full stand-up set, gay Black comic Sampson McCormick balances insight and wit with his usual dexterity, finding a balance of political and social justice insight with punch lines.

Author talk with Alvin Orloff, Beth Lisick and K.M. Soehnlein

By Jim Provenzano | Tuesday Jun 9, 2020
The San Francisco Public Library's 'On the Same Page' series presents author Alvin Orloff in a June 10 online conversation with authors Beth Lisick and K.M. Soehnlein, who'll discuss the wild Bay Area '80s and '90s and literary topics.

Fresh Meat Festival 2020 showcases transgender & queer music, dance, performance

By Jim Provenzano | Monday Jun 8, 2020
In previous years, the annual Fresh Meat Festival's been sold out, so this year the 19th annual diverse shows of transgender and queer performance, music and dance offers a bonus; everyone gets a front row seat! Online, that is.

Deja View: The Lavender Tube on crimes, queens and cool kids

By Victoria A. Brownworth | Saturday Jun 6, 2020
From protests to crime and conspiracy shows, reality is reflected in TV fiction. 'Law & Order,' 'Welcome to Chechnya' and even a vogue contest get a watchful eye.

The power of story: Bawdy Storytelling's tempting tales

By Race Bannon | Wednesday Jun 3, 2020
Dixie De La Tour is the founder and host of the renowned Bawdy Storytelling shows. "We are, as a species, addicted to story," she says. "Even when the body goes to sleep, the mind stays up all night, telling itself stories."

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