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Review: 'Snowpiercer - The Complete First Season' Is an Icy Reflection of Recent Anxieties

by JC Alvarez
Tuesday Jan 26, 2021
Review: 'Snowpiercer - The Complete First Season' Is an Icy Reflection of Recent Anxieties

Baby, it's cold outside! ...And there's a global pandemic as well, so it's the perfect opportunity to jump aboard the dystopian future of the TNT Original Series "Snowpiercer - The Complete First Season," available now on Blu-ray.

Last year's runaway hit series stars Academy Award Winner Jennifer Connelly and is based on the film from Academy Award Winner Bong Joon Ho ("Parasite"), which was based on the popular graphic novel series. Jennifer Connelly stars as Melanie Cavill, the head administrator aboard a massive speeding bullet train, the Snowpiercer. Its 1001 train cars rumble along a singular track circling the globe — a world now in the grip of an ice age (a result of neglect and climate change) that has rendered it uninhabitable. Stepping outside guarantees a frigid death. It's been seven years since the train left the station with all the world's wealthiest living in luxury, but a rebellion is brewing. In the rear passenger car, a group of undesirables have stowed onboard, and among them the future of the human race's survival may rest.

Tony Award winner Daveed Diggs plays Layton, a forensic investigator who is brought the ranks when a murder threatens the established order. Under the direction of their benefactor, the mysterious Mr. Wilford, Cavill and Layton must establish an uneasy alliances in order to help keep the peace, as relationships between the upper, middle, and lower class passengers aboard the Snowpiercer become far more tenuous than either of them could have imagined. Over the course of the series' first 10 episodes, "Snowpiercer" is a treacherous journey that boggles the mind and is as unbelievably as frightening as HBO's "Westworld" is dazzling!

With the "real world" currently experiencing the isolation and uncertainty of COVID-19, the desolate future of "Snowpiercer" can be disorienting, even unappealing; and the claustrophobic feel and design of the show is unsettlingly familiar under the circumstances. The hyper-realistic drama and its commentary of social disparity is also interesting through the lens of science-fiction/fantasy, but make no mistake: The dystopian world of "Snowpiercer" makes an alarming, if heightened parallel to our current situation.

The allure of the series is in its deepest and most apparent mystery: the identity of the elusive Mr. Wilford. But even before we get the cliffhanger season finale, the twist and turns of this wild ride are enough to send the viewer into a tailspin. "Snowpiercer - The Complete First Season" is an exciting journey that pays homage to the film by Bong Joon Ho, so fans of that adaptation will not be disappointed.

All 10 one-hour Season One episodes are available on the 2-disc Blu-ray package, which is also bundled with a Digital Code so you can access "Snowpiercer" from your favorite device and on the run. The discs also include several Behind-the-Scenes features that provide real insight in the making of the series with interviews from its two lead stars, Jennifer Connelly and Daveed Diggs. Fans can also get an exclusive look at the work that went into designing the world of the show, including its biggest star: The Train and the frigid environment outside.

"Snowpiercer - The Complete First Season" is available now on Blu-ray and Digital for $29.98.

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