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Donnie Darko

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Mar 13, 2018
Donnie Darko

What do time travel, teenage angst, and the 1980s have to do with each other? You'd probably think of the movie "Back to the Future," but I'm describing plot elements of the 2001 cult classic "Donnie Darko." The quite-hard-to-describe first feature film from writer/director Richard Kelly comes out in another high-definition release from Arrow Video.

A few years back, the Director's Cut was released to Blu-ray and also included the regular theatrical version. Arrow Video's Special Edition of "Donnie Darko" includes a brand new 4k scan of the theatrical cut and looks absolutely stunning. It's well worth the money to purchase this definitive edition of a still thought-provoking movie.

Before he became a wildly popular heartthrob actor, Jake Gyllenhaal played the title character of troubled teenager Donnie Darko to perfection. He's moody, in therapy, taking antidepressants, and has visions of an imaginary rabbit named Frank. Just what does this all mean? The fantastic thing about "Donnie Darko" is that it still will make you ponder the ending and all that came before it.

Add in a spunky '80s music soundtrack and actors like Drew Barrymore, Patrick Swayze, and Mary McDonnell (along with Jake's real sister, Maggie Gyllenhaal), and one can see why "Donnie Darko" has garnered such a following over the years.

Besides the new 4K scan, Arrow's Blu-ray includes a brand new documentary called "Dues ex Machina: The Philosophy of Donnie Darko." It mostly interviews Richard Kelly, and everything from the casting process to the behind-the-scenes stories are discussed. "The Goodbye Place" is the 1996 short film that director Kelly made, and can be seen as the precursor to "Donnie Darko" with its theme of time travel.

The twenty deleted scenes that form the Director's Cut of "Donnie Darko" are included here also, as well as the original poster artwork.

"Donnie Darko"

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