by Padraic Maroney
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Jan 14, 2020

The creators of "Bad Moms" and "The Hangover" are back to shine a raunchy light on how our phones have taken control of our lives. In the comedy "Jexi," the A.I. assistant in Phil's phone is literally taking charge and wreaking havoc on his life under the guise of making it better. The idea sounds funnier than its execution, but you might find yourself putting your own phone down in horror while watching the film. So, it's kind of a win?

Once the credits begin to roll, it's time to head to the special features on the Blu-ray (which also includes a digital download code). One feature that stuck out is the ability to create bookmarks and store them within the special features to easily go back. At least that way, in movies like this that you probably won't want to watch more than once, you can jump directly to the few moments worth re-watching. However, how to actually create a bookmark is a little less clear. Where's Jexi when we need her?

Watching the extra features, it quickly becomes clear how much star appeal actress Alexandra Shipp has as her charisma just jumps off the screen. She is shown as bubbly, personable, and someone you could see yourself being best friends with.

"Unboxing Jexi" is an interesting short looking at how the filmmakers integrated an inanimate object into the movie as a fully realized character. On-set they had a voice actress feeding lines to Adam Devine. In the film, actress Rose Byrne plays that voice of Jexi. There's never really an explanation of why they didn't use the original voice, especially considering her pedigree as the original voice of Google Voice. If Paul the cell phone spokesman can switch companies, then the Google voice lady can totally do a movie spoofing her previous job, right?

"Phone Fixation" is a fun extra as the cast members take a look at their own phone addiction. The genuine shocked and horrified reactions from the actors and filmmakers is entertaining to watch. Since most of them are under three hours per day, none seem to be headed to phone rehab too soon.

A more puzzling inclusion is the short featurette, "Tech Bros." While it focuses mostly on the character played by Michael Pena, who is the owner of the Buzzfeed-esque website where Phil works. But really it just becomes a mean-spirited pile on to bash the stereotypical tech bros — and the description doesn't even really fit Pena.

Watching the behind-the-scenes footage shows that the actors and filmmakers had fun making the movie, and that spirit is continued within the special features package. It's too bad "Jexi" the film isn't more fun to watch.

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