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Printer Who Nixed Gay Pride Shirt Goes to Ky. Supreme Court

Friday Aug 23, 2019
Printer Who Nixed Gay Pride Shirt Goes to Ky. Supreme Court

A Kentucky print shop owner who refused to make a gay pride T-shirt argued before the Kentucky Supreme Court that he shouldn't be compelled to promote messages that go against his religious beliefs.

Blaine Adamson is owner of Hands-On Originals in Lexington and declined to print a shirt promoting an LGBT pride festival in 2012. The city's Human Rights Commission said that refusal violated its gay-rights fairness ordinance.

On Friday, the high court heard an attorney for the T-shirt maker argue that the First Amendment protects him from having to print that message. An attorney for the Human Rights Commission says the T-shirt maker cannot pick and choose who it wants to serve in the Lexington community.

The Supreme Court heard oral arguments from attorneys and will issue a ruling at a later date.

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  • , 2019-08-24 11:28:11

    another business owner claiming his religion not to do business with the lgbt.when will this type of discrimination stop.maybe lgbt business owners should discriminate doing business with straight customers on the same grounds

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