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Broad City - Season 3

by Louise Adams
Tuesday Jan 17, 2017
Broad City - Season 3

Trainer/illustrator Abbi and work-fluid Ilana continue to riff, kibitz, toke and find many uses for the bathroom, throughout New York and beyond, in "Broad City Season 3," with a fine assortment of (SPOILERS AHEAD!) guest stars.

"Two Chainz" features issues with Ilana's conveyance, Bichael Jackson; then she doesn't work her hours in exchange for organic produce in "Co-Op," so Abbi is forced to cover for her, finding love and "healthy shits" in fair trade. But the boss isn't buying it: "Don't try to butter me up; I'm a vegan." Plus, she has connections with the security at Whole Foods.

Abbi gets over-competitive at Soulstice's solstice games ("All caps Abbi? I need you to be case sensitive") while Ilana brings her Twitter game to a potential Deals! Deals! Deals! investor, "maxxinista" Vanessa Williams. Whoopi Goldberg dons her "Sister Act" habit for the final number.

"Rat Pack" features Eugene Mirman and some tenacious rodents, during a celebration of Tinder - "it's healthy to have no discretion sometimes" - and Grindr - "I just want to see penises within a mile of me!"

"2016" summed up the overall crap fest of a year with an array of cameos - Rachel Dratch runs a crappy temp agency, Alan Alda is a chiropractor, Cynthia Nixon a fiery political worker, and the real Hillary Clinton, to remind us yet again what we've lost and the shit storm up ahead.

Disc 1 extras include deleted scenes, and a series of Skype snippets, the women dying to eat in "Yom Kippur," deciding what to donate in "The Purge" (they toss the Crocs but keep the bedazzled dickies), sharing a cyber "Dinner." "Spy Day" ruminates over whether they want to be WITH or be IN Jessica Lange (a runner throughout the season).

On "Columbus Day," the National Day of Not Doing Shit, the broads say they prefer the other Chris Columbus, the one who directed "Home Alone." "Halloween" is the holiday of sluts in big heels, where they both decide to be legislators with lacy collars - the notorious RBG and Judge Judy.

Disc 2 takes the chicks outside "Philadelphia" to see Abbi's dad Tony Danza, then they return to some hijinks in "B&B-NYC." "Burning Bridges" brings Ilana's parents (Susie Essman and Bob Balaban) to the city, while Abbi tries to date fellow trainer Trey, but "her running is a metaphor."

The two-part "Getting There" and "Jews on a Plane" put the girls on a flight to the homeland filled with Davids and Rachels and ginger Jews, including organizer Seth Green, alongside an instructional video by Maroon 5 and Golden Globe winner Tracee Ellis Ross as a Fitbit-ing flight attendant.

The featurettes here are more deleted scenes, and behind the scenes on the promo shoot with boxing gear created by logo artist Mike Perry. "Nomo Fomo: An Art Show About Broads in the City" features three real life women, who met doing roller derby and have curated a popular art show inspired by all things Broad City; a feel-good celebration of like-minded fans who interpret characters and scenes, and impart solid logic such as "reduce, reuse, recycle, Rihanna."

"Broad City Season 3"

Louise Adams is a Chicago freelance writer at www.treefalls.com (and a nom de guerre).


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