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Broad City - Season 2

by Louise Adams
Tuesday Jan 5, 2016
Broad City - Season 2

"Yas Kween's" frequently nude Abbi and crop-topped Ilana bring the sass to sex, weed, "raping rape culture" and a slew of awesome cameos in the fabulously frothy "Broad City Season 2."

The first of the two-DVD set brings the hot town/summer in the city with "In Heat," as "male Stacy" Seth Rogen tries to take care of his sweaty stank ass in between fajitas and sleepy sex. There's also "Mochalatte Chills" and "Wisdom Teeth," where Abbi gets her molars pulled by dentist friend Lincoln Rice (Hannibal Buress) and her after-care carelessly provided by Ilana and her pot potion (Abbi does a mean Drew Barrymore imitation when the cotton is stuffed in her mouth).

"Knockoffs" has Ilana and her mother Bobbi (Susie Essman) going underground in Chinatown to get knock-off handbags before sitting shiva for the grandmother, and "Hashtag FOMO" features Ilana as an inappropriate nanny.

Disc 2 acknowledges the duo's addition to all media ("let's 'gram [Instagram] it'" for everything) in "The Matrix" (Ilana gives prop to her training by having a UCB sticker on her white laptop). "Citizen Ship" naturalizes their friend, and "Kirk Steele" outs Abbi's Soulstice trainer boss Trey as a former beach ball porn star.

The chicks totally screw up their gig in "Coat Check," but manage to meet and get wasted with Kelly Ripa (and "K Rips" is a self-effacing hoot, deciding whether her dream dinner would be with Jesus or with Kanye's Yeezus between shots of moonshine, throwing Michael Strahan gift baskets on the street, and prank-calling Regis).

"St. Mark's" tries to celebrate Ilana's 23rd birthday, but instead shows the strangeness on that street, perpetrated by weirdos, including Tree Man, Jiggly Caliente selling wigs, and Patricia Clarkson losing it at her snazzy dinner party. Janeane Garofalo also has an exciting turn as the officiant at a dog wedding.

DVD extras include a lot of outtakes, many on the broads' beloved Snapchats (under Abbi's huge over-the-bed Oprah poster), including an "Epcot of cereal." Also, there are Gemma (D'Arcy Carden)-intruded "Body by Trey.biz/Trey Tard" infomercials. The second disc extras feature a lot of "pop-up" info, like the second series' boob-grabbing theme, plus a shout-out to Mike Perry's cool opening animations.

Four and three and two and one, go on out and get yourself some.

"Broad City Season 2"

Louise Adams is a Chicago freelance writer at www.treefalls.com (and a nom de guerre).


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