Hope and Healing in Music City: Recovery Unplugged Heads to Nashville

HEALTH | By Jill Gleeson | Oct 11, 2019

While Nashville may take pride in the dozens of tower cranes that now routinely dot the skyline, the city's expansion has brought with it skyrocketing rates of drug overdoses. Recovery Unplugged is opening a new facility to address the growing need.

Recovery Unplugged: Saving Lives With Music in the Mile High City

HEALTH | By Jill Gleeson | Sep 3, 2019

Recovery Unplugged's Denver outreach center is making a major impact in a city seeing alarming surge in substance abuse.

Addiction Times Two: How Recovery Unplugged Heals Polysubstance Dependence

HEALTH | By Jill Gleeson | Aug 21, 2019

Party drugs like crystal meth, Special K, GHB and ecstasy are frequently combined for more intense or longer-lasting highs. Whether they're consumed together by design or accidentally, the results can be deadly.

Recovery Unplugged's Richie Supa on the 60s, Drug Culture, and Getting Clean

HEALTH | By Jill Gleeson | Jun 17, 2019

Music legend Richie Supa speaks candidly of the 60s and the era following the Stonewall Uprising where counterculture often led to addiction.

Watch: How Recovery Unplugged Uses Music to Transform Addiction Treatment

HEALTH | By Matthew Wexler | May 5, 2019

EDGE headed to Austin to visit some of Recovery Unplugged's facilities and learn firsthand how music is transforming and redefining addiction treatment and recovery.

5 Songs to Support, Heal and Inspire

HEALTH | By Matthew Wexler | Apr 19, 2019

EDGE turned to our community of more than 200,000 Facebook followers and asked what artists and songs give you inspiration. The response was overwhelming! Here are some of your favorite picks.

Exclusive Interview: How Recovery Unplugged Changes Lives Through Music

HEALTH | By Jill Gleeson | Apr 3, 2019

Watch this exclusive interview, which showcases the importance of LGBTQ sensitivity in addiction treatment and the power of music at Recovery Unplugged.

Could Music Have Saved My Brother's Life?

HEALTH | By Jill Gleeson | Feb 28, 2019

To the people gathered at Recovery Unplugged, music lyrics tell tales of survival. They're about addiction and recovery, deep pain and profound hope.

How Recovery Unplugged's 'Feel Good Friday' is Redefining Addiction Treatment

How Recovery Unplugged's 'Feel Good Friday' is Redefining Addiction Treatment

HEALTH | Feb 8, 2019

Recovery Unplugged's Chief Strategy Officer Paul Pellinger shares why the power of music is so impactful in alcohol and drug treatment and rehabilitation.

Recovery Unplugged: Behind the Treatment

Recovery Unplugged: Behind the Treatment

HEALTH | Jan 11, 2019

Recovery Unplugged therapist Klifton Fehr explains the treatment's unique model for treating addiction.

Recovery Unplugged's Tips for a Fresh Start to the New Year

HEALTH | By Jill Gleeson | Dec 28, 2018

Are you ready for a change? The New Year offers a fresh opportunity for making healthy choices and rethinking your lifestyle if it involves an addictive use of alcohol and/or drugs.

Healing with Music: Recovery Unplugged

BUSINESS | By Matthew Wexler | Dec 20, 2018

Helping those who face addiction is the passion and dedication of Recovery Unplugged, Recovery Unplugged Records, and the Face the Music Foundation.

Staying Sober During the Holidays

HEALTH | By Matthew Wexler | Dec 12, 2018

Music-based treatment organization Recovery Unplugged offers tips on how to stay sober during one of the most stressful times of the year.

Recovery Unplugged: Finding Sobriety One Song at a Time

HEALTH | By Jill Gleeson | Nov 13, 2018

Aerosmith songwriter Richie Supa shares how music is a fundamental part of Recovery Unplugged's addition treatment program.

Addiction and the Entertainment Industry: Breaking the Chains That Bind

HEALTH | By Jill Gleeson | Nov 2, 2018

While it remains to be seen whether the sympathetic spotlight the entertainment industry is shining on the issue of addiction will usher more people into treatment, those that make it through Recovery Unplugged's doors will find a center like no other.

The Music Matters: How Recovery Unplugged Saves Lives

HEALTH | By Jill Gleeson | Oct 17, 2018

A bold step forward in addiction treatment, Recovery Unplugged harnesses the power of music to help clients through every step of the healing process.

Reaching the LGBTQ Community Through Music-Based Addiction Treatment

HEALTH | By Matthew Wexler | Oct 1, 2018

Recovery Unplugged understands the dangers of addiction and offers a recovery process that includes individual therapy, group therapy, counseling, and aftercare. Within this course of treatment, music actually becomes a recovery trigger.

Musical Medicine: Recovery Unplugged

HEALTH | By Matthew Wexler | Sep 17, 2018

Recovery Unplugged uses the power of music to help patients heal from alcohol and drug addiction, and the results are proof-positive that music-based recovery can provide long-lasting impact.

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