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The Ivy League and Its Impact on American Fashion

Monday Apr 16, 2012

NEW YORK, NY - With its hallowed halls, private clubs, and grassy quadrangles, The Ivy League is the consummate reward of the American Dream.

Assouline announced the publication of its latest title, "The Ivy League." Much more than a grouping of eight colleges and universities, the Ivy League-with its hallowed halls, private clubs, and grassy quadrangles-is the consummate reward of the American Dream.

Captured in countless novels, films, and television shows, and mentioned in everyday conversations around the globe, these centuries-old institutions stand proudly as universal symbols of one of America's greatest strengths-its world-renowned education system. Representing the apex of academic achievement, the Ivy League is also a gateway to the socially powerful and elite, making it the wish of all parents for their children. But that's only the beginning.

Taking a close-up look at each of these campuses, Harvard alumnus Daniel Cappello illustrates the unique spirit of each school and determines what sets them apart-from the presidents they've trained to the silver-screen characters they've inspired; from the size of their endowments to the number of celebrities they enroll; from dominant political stances to athletic rivalries, architectural styles, and popular fashion.

"Collectively, the Ivy League might be seen as one of the most successful and singularly American brands, representing a shared standard of excellence," says Cappello.

Cappello is a writer and editor who has worked on the editorial staffs of George, The New Yorker, and Quest magazines. He is also the founder of 47 Ventures, a creative consulting firm that handles clients in media, politics, design, philanthropy, fashion, and the arts. He received his BA degree in government from Harvard University.

Through the eyes of Harvard alumnus Cappello, you, too, can discover the unique spirit of each individual school which together create one of the most successful and singularly American institutions.



ISBN: 9781614280095

9½ X 12" / 24 X 30.5 CM


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9 1/2 x 12" / 24 x 30.5 cm - 192 pages - hardcover - ISBN: 9781614280095 - $65 - €50 - £40



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