Jan 27, 2006

Richard Hatch's Lawyer Gives First Interview to EDGE

Independent Publisher EDGE Publications Secures First Interview with Lawyer Michael Minns, Discussing Client Richard Hatch

For Immediate Release Jan 27, 2006

Boston, MA - EDGE Publications, Inc. today announced the official first interview with Michael Minns, the Houston, Texas criminal tax lawyer representing Richard Hatch, who this week was found guilty on three counts of tax evasion in a U.S. District Court in Providence, R.I. The interview, provided to EDGE based upon Minns' stated belief that EDGE's local reporting was the most accurate coverage of the trial to date, is available exclusively on the EDGE network.

Of the trial, Minns stated to EDGE, "I think the character attacks were the most devastating. It tended to destroy his charity, his name and everything. Richard was as prepared as a human being could be prepared. He was very brave about it. Braver than we were."

Minns communicated directly about Hatch's state of mind: "He is coping better than most people do under these circumstances. Expect it to be arduous and difficult and expect him to survive." Minns also speculates on the anticipated request for Hatch's imprisonment, and how he intends to prepare for the April 28 sentencing.

The full interview is available immediately online at EDGEboston.com and EDGEprovidence.com.


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