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100-Year-Old Church Installs Gay Pastor

Aug 18
An Ohio church marking its 100th anniversary has installed its first openly gay pastor.

Police: Italian Priest Stole Nuns’ Money to Pay for Gay Sex

By Jason St. Amand | Apr 9
Italian police say a priest allegedly stole cash from a convent so he could pay his gay lover for sex.

Pope’s Comments Push LGBTQ Equality Issues Forward

By David Perry | Aug 1
LGBT groups and Catholic leaders react to Pope Francis’ unprecedented remarks about gay priests.

Analysis: Pope’s Revolution; Not All are Pleased

By Nicole Winfield | Jul 31
The Francis Revolution is underway. Not everyone is pleased.

Is the Catholic Church Overripe With Gay Scandal?

By Antoinette Weil | Jul 4
As the pope acknowledges the existence of a "gay lobby" within the Vatican, the Italian press uncovers an alleged secret blogspot used as a gay hookup site for closeted gay clergy.

Pro-Marriage Equality Argentinian Priest Defrocked

By Jason St. Amand | Apr 18
The Vatican has defrocked a gay priest from Argentina who supported the country’s gay marriage bill in 2010.

Pa. Trial Shows Church Abuse Allegations Strategy

By Maryclaire Dale | Apr 2
Court files show a priest who wrote x-rated letters about young boys was sent to a church-run treatment center for priests, where staff concluded he did not have "a pathological interest in children or adults."

Report Details Gay High Life Among Catholic Clerics

By Kilian Melloy | Aug 2
A new report from a Catholic lay group suggests that a Catholic Archbishop presided over a gay clerical culture during his tenure in Miami, with sexual activity among priests and seminarians the least of the hijinks that supposedly went on.

Local Gay Catholics Respond to Sex Abuse Report

By Jason Prokowiew | May 27
Gay Catholics with whom EDGE spoke welcomed a new report that concludes gay priests did not contribute to the sex abuse crisis in the Catholic Church, but they still blame the Church itself for perpetuating that belief.

Caught on Film: Catholic Priests, in Gay Clubs, Having Casual Sex

By Kilian Melloy | Jul 23
Italy, a devoutly Catholic country, has been shocked at reports of Catholic priests being filmed having sex in gay clubs by a magazine reporter.

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