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Obama Boosted White House Technology; Trump Sees Risks

By Juliet Pace | Jan 6
As Barack Obama began preparing to leave office, the first smartphone-toting U.S. president ordered his team to upgrade the White House's aging technology for his successor. New computers were purchased and faster internet was installed.

Who Would Have Won A Trump vs. Obama Election Match-Up?

Dec 28
President Barack Obama said he could have won if he'd been able to run again in the 2016 election, but on Twitter, President-elect Donald Trump argued otherwise. The Washington Post's John Wagner joins CBSN to discuss.

Trump Fires Back At Obama's Claim He Could Have Won Third Term

Dec 27
President Obama says he would have been able to beat Donald Trump with a message of diversity and tolerance in the 2016 elections, if he'd been able to run for a third term.

Obama Calls For Kinder World In Final UN Address

By John McDonald | Sep 25
In his final address to the United Nations, U.S. President Barack Obama called for an end to the persecution of gay people.

Clinton Aims to Tackle Out-of-Pocket Health Care Costs

By Ken Thomas | Sep 24
Hillary Rodham Clinton proposed a series of steps on Wednesday to lessen the burden of out-of-pocket medical bills for Americans covered by President Barack Obama's health care law.

GOP Surge: Republicans Seize Control of Senate

By Ken Thomas and Nancy Benac | Nov 5
America awoke to a new political dynamic Wednesday with sharper dividing lines in an already divided government, forcing President Barack Obama to recalibrate his approach and giving Republican leaders in Congress new muscle to check him.

Obama Praises Supreme Court's Gay Marriage Orders

Oct 20
President Barack Obama says the Supreme Court's recent gay marriage orders may have the biggest impact of any ruling of his presidency.

'Tranny' and 'Gay' Joke Didn't Offend Pres: Obama Pens Letter Praising Rivers

By EDGE | Sep 21
In a recent marathon length edition of E! network's "Fashion Police," Melissa Rivers, daughter to the late actress comedienne spoke with hosts about a letter of condolence she received from the White House following her mother's death

Obama Opens Gay Games With Surprise Video Message

Aug 11
President Barack Obama has helped kick off the international Gay Games in Cleveland with a surprise video message shown at the opening ceremonies.

Days After Repeal of Anti-Gay Law, Uganda's President Meets Obamas

By Winnie McCroy | Aug 6
President Barack Obama and his first Lady Michelle Obama have set LGBT activists in an uproar after meeting with Ugandan leader Yoweri Museveni just days after the repeal of the draconian anti-gay law.

1 thru 10 of 319 Stories