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Georgia Churches Split by Slavery Confront Painful Past

Two neighboring Baptist churches with a complicated history are working to forge a new relationship.

Pope Taps New Cardinal for Newark as He Remakes U.S. Church

CORPORATE | By Nicole Winfield and Rachel Zoll | Nov 10
Pressing his campaign to remake the U.S. Catholic church, Pope Francis on Monday tapped one of his new cardinals, Joseph Tobin, to replace the Newark archbishop who has been criticized for allegedly mishandling sex-abuse cases.

Private Library of Hebrew Writings to be Sold

FINANCE | By Verena Dobnik | Nov 15
Sotheby's is offering what experts consider the world's most important private library of Hebrew books and manuscripts, collected by a London diamond dealer.

Tempest in a Coffee Cup: What's Starbucks Flap All About?

CORPORATE | By Adam Geller | Nov 14
The brew-haha of supposed outrage that has spilled forth since the Starbucks coffee chain served up what looked, at first glance, like a seasonal throwaway is increasingly hard to figure.

Study: Americans Are Less Religious Than Ever

Fewer Americans participate in traditional religions according to a new study.

Religious Americans Keeping the Faith, But Changing with Time

RELIGION | By Rachel Zoll | Nov 3
The survey also found nearly every major religion was notably more accepting of same-sex relationships, including among groups that have been most vocally opposed to gay marriage.

Brother in Church Beating Death to Testify Against Half-Sister

RELIGION | By Carolyn Thompson | Oct 21
The surviving brother of a pair of teenagers viciously beaten during a church counseling session is scheduled to testify against his half-sister, who is among six people charged in the attack.

India's River Waters Cleanse Spirits at Hindu Festival

RELIGION | By Bernat Armangue | Aug 30
It's just water. But to the millions of Hindus expected at the Kumbh Mela festival, held this year along the Godavari, touching that water is reverential.

The Commandments, Restored

CULTURE | By Pier Angelo | Apr 26
"Christian" was once shorthand "trying to be a good person." Could it be again? This list of holy laws, taken right from the Bible and presented with learned commentary, is a place to start...

Bishops Revise Document on Gays, Expect Approval

INTERNATIONAL | By Nicole Winfield | Oct 18
Catholic bishops predicted widespread approval Saturday of a revised document laying out the church's position on gays, sex, marriage and divorce, saying the report is a "balanced" reflection of church teaching and pastoral demands.

1 thru 10 of 63 Stories