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Bar Codes Combine Technology and Tradition in Rio de Janeiro

Feb 6
Rio de Janeiro is mixing technology with tradition to provide tourists information about the city by embedding bar codes into the black and white mosaic sidewalks that are a symbol of the city.

Rio’s Carnival a Big Draw for Gay Tourists

By Rob Harris | Feb 23
British Prime Minister David Cameron asked England’s soccer leaders Wednesday to provide a plan against racism in the sport after a series of high-profile cases involving the Premier League.

J.Lo and Fergie Add Star Power to Rio Carnival Parade

As millions watched the sequin-clad samba dancers at Rio de Janeiro’s iconic Carnival parade Sunday, at least a few eyes turned toward the stars, or at least toward the VIP boxes hosting celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Fergie.

Just in Time for Carnival: Beginner’s Guide to Rio

"Brazil is not for beginners," the late, great Brazilian composer Tom Jobim once quipped. Nowhere does the remark hold more true than for the country’s pulsing, chaotic oceanfront metropolis, Rio de Janeiro.

Rio de Janeiro Voted Hottest Gay Destination in the World

Nov 22
Rio de Janeiro has been selected as the hottest gay destination in the world for the second time in a contest sponsored by and MTV.

Rio’s Homophobic Violence Alarms Brazil

The shooting of a gay youth by men in military uniforms after a mammoth gay pride parade is raising alarm about continuing homophobic violence in a city widely seen as a global oasis of tolerance.

Samba! Rio wins bid for 2016 Olympics

By John Leicester | Oct 10
The 2016 Games are going to Rio de Janeiro. Finally, South America gets an Olympics.

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