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'Overwatch' Game Developers Find Creativity in Diversity

By Derrick J. Lang | May 21
Mei's unlikely heritage and ability to encase her body in a chunk of ice aren't her only unique attributes. She doesn't sport a busty, Barbie-like physique that most female characters have in video games.

With New Fitness Game, Pornhub Wants You to Workout In Between...

May 20
Pornhub launched a new program this week that encourages its users, who watch free porn, to exercise.

App 4 U: Britney Spears Releases Mobile Game

By Derrik J. Lang | May 18
Can mobile game maker Glu do it again?

Review: 'Uncharted 4' Finds Brotherly Love Amid Spectacle

By Lou Kesten | May 15
"Uncharted 4" is one of the most ambitious video games ever created, and it succeeds on almost every level. But its most impressive accomplishment may be its creation of four characters I actually cared about.

For Virtual Reality Makers, A New Version of An Old Struggle

By Derrick J. Lang | May 8
It's now possible to play titles that were intended to only be used with the Oculus Rift system on an entirely different VR headset.

'Space Invaders,' 'Grand Theft Auto III' Hall of Fame Games

May 8
A video game that allowed players to zap marching aliens with dot lasers and another that gave them flamethrowers and put them in the driver's seat in a violent 3-D world are among six games inducted into the World Video Game Hall of Fame.

GameStop to Launch Video Game Publishing Division

By Derrick J. Lang | Apr 20
The retailer best known for selling games announced plans Monday to launch a new division called GameTrust that will help distribute and market them.

Video Game Hall of Fame Reveals Finalists for May Induction

Apr 1
"Sonic the Hedgehog," ''Space Invaders" and "John Madden Football" are among 15 games named Tuesday as finalists for the World Video Game Hall of Fame.

Review: Manhattan Becomes A Battlefield in 'The Division'

By Lou Kesten | Mar 25
It's dirty, noisy and crowded, and everyone who's lived there has occasionally wished everyone else would just go away. The plot of this video game grants that wish via the "Green Poison."

Microsoft Says Hiring Go-Go Dancers At Xbox Party Was Wrong

By Brandon Bailey | Mar 19
Microsoft says it was "unequivocally wrong" for hosting a party with scantily dressed female dancers during a video game developers' conference.

Review: 'Hitman' Goes to Paris in Part 1 of A Yearlong Epic

By Lou Kesten | Mar 17
Ah, the glamorous life of an international assassin. What other career gives you the chance to hobnob with world leaders, models, fashion designers, chess masters and other celebrities - and then murder them?

Hollywood Learns A New Storytelling Language For VR

By Ryan Nakashima | Mar 12
Virtual reality filmmakers are grappling with challenges as they explore a medium that hasn't had a century to develop the way movies have.

Girls Keep Out: Female Video Gamers Face Vile Abuse, Threats

By Tali Arbel | Mar 12
Online harassment of women, often involving threats of horrific violence, has become a big issue - and video games are a frequent flashpoint.

With A New Episodic Model, 'Hitman' Game Aims for Everyone

By Derrick J. Lang | Mar 12
The creators of "Hitman" are pulling the trigger on an unorthodox way of releasing their espionage saga that could reshape how the interactive industry approaches video game launches.

'No Man's Sky' Reaching to Infinity and Beyond on June 21

By Derrik J. Lang | Mar 9
"No Man's Sky" creator Sean Murray wants everyone in the world to know that his galaxy simulator isn't merely a ridiculously ambitious idea that's wowed crowds at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. It's actually a video game.

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