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Naughty, Not-So-Nice Gifts for Him

by Steve Weinstein
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Monday Nov 26, 2012

Who cares about being nice? It's the naughty boy who gets these great gifts from his significant other.

Take a tip from our straight friends. When they want to spice up the marriage, they head to Victoria's Secret. There are plenty of male equivalents on the Web.

EDGE has done the extremely taxing work of scouring pages and pages of underwear models to bring you a sample of the kinds of gifts that will let your boyfriend know that, whenever someone says "Christmas," you shout back "'Ho! 'Ho! 'Ho!"

Black ’Thunderbird’ Thong

The front "V" cut thong is electrifying with the lowest cut pouch. Essential for night moves. The "distressed leather" or "black patent leather" look like dead cow without the high price tag. Also much stretchier.

$20, Prevail Sport

Kink Twin Thong

Gregg Homme is to slutwear and what Tommy Hilfiger is to preppy. What makes this so much fun are the straps and the two lines that go all the way around. The microfiber is as thin as tissue. Definitely a conversation starter!

$55, NuWear

Midnight Brief

Andres Velasco has taken satin, stretched it and added a sequiny shimmer. The result is the underwear equivalent of a red carpet outfit. For once, the waistband logo adds to the sexiness rather than looking like a billboard.

$22, Undergear

Petit-Q Riviera Brief

These briefs have as much in common with the Riviera as flannel boxers with Copacabana. But you could call them the Love Canal and they’d still be outrageously sexy. Consider them "pre-ripped" to save time.

$20, Undergear

Clever Petra Brief

From now on, whenever you hear the name Petra, you’ll be thinking about a lot more than a historic site in Jordan. These all-mesh briefs provide just enough exposure, while the contour pouch will put his crowning glory on display. Added bonus: There’s the same material as the pouch along the bottom of the rear for even more "emphasis."

$24, Undergear

Moccasin Brief

The "pleather" material looks and feels like stretched-out leather. The way low-rise thin waistband only highlights the sheer see-through material below. There’s an inner ring for "enhancement" (not that he needs it) and -- best of all -- a removable pouch.

$38, California Muscle

Dragon Mesh Boxerbrief

I have no idea of what a "boxerbrief" is; maybe a concept borrowed from quantum mechanics. What I do know is that no one makes stretchy mesh underwear like Good Devil. The white mesh is highlighted by wraparound dragon art and the contour pouch, all outlined in black.

$24, Pacific Jock

Forbidden Boxerbrief

Gregg Homme does it again, with a mesh, leather-like fabric and an enhancing pouch with a zipper (be careful with that!). The crisscrossing fabric panels only add to the fun.

$45, Pacific Jock

Punk Cross Brief

If bikers watched every carb that went into their bodies and had incredible, well-defined bubble butts, they’d wear these. They don’t, but your boyfriend does.

$31, Deal By Ethan

Zakk Xmas

They say good things come in small packages. Good things also come with big packages. Gift wrap him in these stretch velvet boxers complete with wrapping, tie and bells. Also available in a brief.

$26, Topdrawers

Intymen Fill It Brief

With a built-in ring "enhancer," it’s a good thing that these briefs provide easy pouch access with black-outlined lateral openings on both sides. Just in case you were expecting company.

$18, Mensuas

Steve Weinstein has been a regular correspondent for the International Herald Tribune, the Advocate, the Village Voice and Out. He has been covering the AIDS crisis since the early '80s, when he began his career. He is the author of "The Q Guide to Fire Island" (Alyson, 2007).


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