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Off to Rio!

Saturday Aug 27, 2016
Don't miss out on the glamorous fashions from Italy this season, as well as our choice travel destination: Puglia.

'Ballando Nights': A Unique Italy Nightclub Experience in New York

By Francesco DiMaio | Wednesday Jun 22, 2016
Designed to be a thematic bi-monthly adventure, "Ballando Nights" will sweep you into the world of Ancient Rome! Come get slain by dancing gladiators and vestal virgins, as DJ Stylus spins an unordinary mix of Italian artists.

Personal Reflections in the Wake of Orlando

By Francesco DiMaio | Sunday Jun 19, 2016
Now as we sense the anger, the sadness, the fear, we must embark on a journey of recovery....

Ni'Tee: Against All Odds... And Stereotypes

Sunday Nov 8, 2015
A man's man inside and out. A cool dude from Philly, but few know what it really took for him to arrive at this place. It was anything but a short easy journey....

Rumjungle Italia: Only for the Casual

Sunday Oct 25, 2015
For this winter season, Rumjungle proposes an original cosmopolitan look that is inspired by everyday life, all the while maintaining the vintage theme, which you will find in the washed fabrics, cold dyes, and structures of some items.

WYWoL: Be Unique

Saturday Oct 24, 2015
WYWoL was born out of the strength and enthusiasm of a group of guys in Florence, Italy, who are convinced of their generation's potential and value.

Phashion. Phreedom. Philly.

Monday Oct 12, 2015
On Friday, October 9th, Uomo Moderno presented five designer collections from Italy at Voyeur Nightclub, featuring a Fashion Vignette and music performances by City of Pastele.

Zhenya Kizaki: A Transgender Model at New York Fashion Week

Saturday Sep 26, 2015
At the most recent edition of New York Fashion Week, the Uomo Moderno Fashion Show from Italy casted what most would consider a very atypical model: A transgender. Meet Zhenya Kizaki.

New York Fashion Week: A Night of Cabaret!

Sunday Sep 20, 2015
As the flood lights beamed onto the stage there was the feeling of dreams coming true -- the dreams of emerging designers from Italy who had longed to show at New York Fashion Week.

The Uomo Moderno Fashion Show from Italy: Not Just for Fashionistas!

Sunday Sep 6, 2015
Fashion mag Uomo Moderno kicks off on the second day of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York with the 3rd Edition of its Fashion Show from Italy.

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