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Austin Officials Surprised by Park Condoms-in-Trees Campaign

Dec 11
Austin health department workers hung bags of condoms and information about safe sex from trees at a park - without informing their bosses or the local parks department, according to a newspaper report.

Salon Owned by Pulse Massacre Victims Reopens

By Mike Schneider and Josh Replogle | Dec 11
Six months after her brother and his longtime partner were killed in Orlando's gay nightclub massacre, Jessica Silva is re-opening the couple's beauty salon.

KKK, Other Pro-Trump Racist Groups Disavow the White Supremacist Label

By Jay Reeves | Dec 11
Ku Klux Klan members claimed Donald Trump's election as president proves whites are taking back America from blacks, immigrants, Jews and other groups they describe as criminals and freeloaders

Orlando Shops Designate Themselves 'Safe Places' For Gays

Dec 10
Officials in a Florida city are launching a program allowing businesses to designate themselves as safe places for gays and lesbians if they feel threatened.

Army Promotes Taylor To Major General

By John McDonald | Dec 10
For the first time in history, an openly gay male officer has achieved the rank of Major General in the United States Army.

Bay Area Grieves Ghost Ship Fire Victims

By Seth Hemmelgarn | Dec 10
Many in the Bay Area are grieving the loss of 36 people, including three who identified as transgender individuals, who died in a fire at an Oakland warehouse known as the Ghost Ship.

Fisher Price Debunks Fake 'Happy Hour Playset' Toy

Dec 10
Fisher-Price has taken to Twitter to debunk any notion it has a bar-themed playset for toddlers.

Warehouse Fire Survivor: People 'Dying Right in Front of Me'

By Brian Melley and Scott Smith | Dec 10
To set foot in the Ghost Ship on a party night was to pass through the industrial facade of an old warehouse and enter an exotic world glowing with rainbow lanterns, guarded by figures of Asian deities and pulsing with a welcoming vibe.

Oakland Fire Exposes Rift in Naming Transgender Victims

By Janie Har | Dec 10
Feral Pines proved to be as complex in death as she was in life as friends and family struggled this week to settle on the correct name to remember the victim of the Oakland warehouse party fire killed along with 35 others.

Hero-Astronaut John Glenn to Lie in State in Ohio

By Dan Sewell and Andrew Welsh-Huggins | Dec 9
American hero-astronaut John Glenn will lie in state in Ohio's capitol building preceding a celebration of his life of military and government service and two history-making voyages into space.

1 thru 10 of 22186 Stories