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Review :: Tower

By Dale Reynolds | Oct 21
A superior live-action, rotoscope-animation re-telling of the horrific 1966 UofT/Austin mass shooting by a madman.

Review :: Creepy

By Kevin Taft | Oct 21
Kiyoshi Kurosawa's latest is a less than "Creepy" cop and serial killer thriller that neither thrills nor creeps us out.

Review :: Moonlight

By Kevin Taft | Oct 21
The ambitious "Moonlight" is a tale that needed to be told, but the style of its telling might test the patience of some viewers.

Review :: King Cobra

By Kevin Taft | Oct 21
The eagerly anticipated "King Cobra" knows how to cheaply titillate its audience, but forgets to say anything all that interesting in the process.

Review :: We Are X

By Louise Adams | Oct 21
Stephen Kijak's 90-minute documentary attempts to inculcate viewers into the fold by presenting the history of super group X Japan (an Asian Spinal Tap), culminating in their reunion concert at Madison Square Garden.

Review :: Certain Women

By Kilian Melloy | Oct 18
Director Kelly Reichardt's stylistic markers (unforced pacing, longitude moments, atmospheric and sometimes uncomfortable visual compositions and editing) are present in her newest film, about three strong women.

Review :: Carrie

By Greg Vellante | Oct 18
"Carrie" celebrates its 40th anniversary with a collector's edition Blu-ray release, complete with a scream of bonus features.

Review :: NY84

By Dale Reynolds | Oct 18
What happened in the early 1980s that enhanced and killed off many of New York City's artists?

Review :: Ouija: Origin of Evil

By Kevin Taft | Oct 18
The prequel to the critically skewered "Ouija" seems promising at first, but it devolves into impossibly loud jump scares and illogical cliches that just make it a frightening mess.

Review :: What We Become

By Ken Tasho | Oct 18
A short, sweet, and to-the-point story is what Shout Factory's latest thriller has to offer.

10 thru 19 of 6978 Stories