A Story Told Lately

by Daniel Scheffler
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Wednesday Nov 27, 2013
A Story Told Lately

This might be the big book of the year. If it's not at the Marc Jacobs store in the West Village, or winking at you from the seat of an airplane en route to Barcelona or even arriving on the cover of the paper in India, it's in your head anyway. It's awkward looking, dark haired true beauty of the century Anjelica Huston with "A Story Told Lately," the first of her two-part memoir selection.

We know her from encounters with the Rolling Stones, Marianne Faithfull and Fleetwood Mac. We love her in "The Royal Tenenbaums" and "Darjeeling Limited" as Wes Anderson's best friend. We simply can't help but remember her from "The Addams Family" and "Addams Family Values." And we're afraid of her in "The Witches." And we love to hate her in the TV series "Smash." But most of all we admire her in everything she's done - including an Oscar, a Richard Avedon beloved modeling career and then there's that Vogue shoot that Diana Vreeland commissioned.

In "A Story Told Lately," the broad princess comes clean about her famous father, John Huston, her life in Ireland (her Yankee dad moved them all there) and being Hollywood royalty as they call it somewhere that wasn't Hollywood and expected.

Huston, a real girly-girl (who knew) giggles about her father, and writes beautifully about her life with him at the helm

Huston, a very girly-girl (who knew) giggles about her father, and writes beautifully about her life with him at the helm. Her mother, a ballerina, and her unhappiness is acknowledged but not solved. She talks of Paris, of London and learning to be a woman and then of New York and her life as an actress, then actor. But this is all about coming of age in the cities of the world, as Part 1.

Part 2 promises to indulge in her love relationship with Jack Nicholson and will probably be more dish than girly titter. She loved dark and interesting Nicholson and she had a thing for dressing up and fashion. She loved men, they loved her, she loved beauty and oh-boy it loved her - and not in any conventional way.

She's an icon, rightfully so. A big career, a big presence and of course a big lust for life. Her writing, is as beautiful and mysterious as she is - saying too much and too little all at once and that is what makes it so wonderful to read.

"A Story Told Lately"
Anjelica Huston

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