The Falls: Testament of Love

by Kilian Melloy
Tuesday Nov 26, 2013
The Falls: Testament of Love

The Mormon missionaries from Jon Garcia's moving film "The Falls" are back, and this time their story delves even deeper than before into questions of love, faith, and family.

RJ (Nick Ferrucci) has been left puzzled and hurt by the long silence from Chris (Benjamin Farmer), the young man he met and fell in love with while doing his missionary work. It's five years after the two last saw each other; Ben has failed to keep his end of the plans they've made, disappearing into the life of a husband and father as prescribed by his devout parents.

But while Chris has prospered in business and put up a brave face for his family and community, his internal struggles have only increased: Trying to "pray the gay away" has only resulted in the growing sense that he's not living "honorably."

When the two are brought together at the memorial service of an old friend, the connection between them sparks once more. How long will Chris resist the truth about himself? How far can RJ push in his attempt to win Chris back once more?

This film smartly addresses a slew of topics from same-sex marriage to so-called "reparative" therapy, without needing to make statements about them. Instead, Garcia focuses on the core questions, the ones that underlie all such cataclysmic social issues: Love, faith, honesty, integrity, and, yes, what it means to lead an honorable life. "The Falls: Testament of Love" outstrips the first movie in every way, making for a moving and satisfying viewing experience.

The DVD release includes deleted scenes, interviews, and a peek at the film's premiere, which took place at the Portland Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. (None of those extras was included on the review copy of the DVD.)

"The Falls: Testament of Love"

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