Kill for Me

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Friday Feb 15, 2013
Kill for Me

Two girls with an abusive father and ex-boyfriend, respectively, inadvertently make a pact to swap murders. One is reluctant to murder, while one isn't. Plot sound familiar? "Kill for Me" owes some debt to the great Hitchcock film "Strangers on a Train." Instead of suggested homosexuality, this thriller has a full-on lesbian subplot.

This mildly entertaining tale stars Katie Cassidy ("Black Christmas") as Amanda and Tracy Spiridakos (TV's "Revolution") as Hailey. Amanda has the abusive ex-boyfriend that stalks her. Hailey is tormented by her father. When she becomes the new roommate in Amanda's house, the two start a hot and heavy romance.

When Hailey comes home one day to find her new lover being attacked by her ex-boyfriend, she goes into defensive mode and kills the poor bastard. It's now up to Amanda to bump off Hailey's slimy Dad. And because this is your run-of-the-mill thriller, not everything is as it seems. Plot twists are overabundant, but luckily the film ends on a clean note.

As per usual, the lesbianism in "Kill for Me" is downplayed and the love affair between Amanda and Hailey is minimal. But the sight of the two female leads dragging dead bodies and playing with guns is outlandish, if not laughable.

The solitary special feature is the requisite "The Making of 'Kill for Me.'" This generic behind-the-scenes is as bland as the feature film, showing brief interviews with the stars and director, as well as on-set antics.

"Kill for Me"

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