Sound Of My Voice

by Kevin Taft
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Oct 16, 2012
Sound Of My Voice

If you are unaware of the talent of actress Brit Marling and the people she works with, then you should look no further than "Sound of My Voice." Newcomer Zal Batmanglij directed the film as well as co-wrote it with Marling, and he is just one of the many that shine who are associated with the film. Similarly, Marling co-wrote and starred in another equally as stunning film called "Another Earth" released last year. Both films have a sci-fi bent to them, and both deal with incredible characters in impossible situations.

In "Sound of My Voice" a couple (Christopher Denham and Nicole Vicius) infiltrates a cult in the Valley in order to expose it for being a sham. The leader of the cult is Maggie, played by Marling. When she first introduces herself to the members of the group, she reveals her truth: that she is from our future. She claims to have information that can save them all from certain doom. But as the couple spends more time with the cult, they get continually sucked in to Marling's teachings and eventually come closer to a danger they don't understand. The film is not only constantly engrossing (Marling makes you sit up and take notice until you realize you've been on the edge of your seat the entire running time of the film), it is also expertly written, directed, and acted. There isn't a false note and the ending is a humdinger. You might not recognize the names of the actors or director now, but trust me, you won't forget them after this film. It will have you guessing until the final awesome frame.

Special Features include a number of brief featurettes that discuss the making of the film, the writing, actress Britt Marling, and director Zal Batmanglij. It also includes the theatrical trailer.

"Sound of My Voice"

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