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Are You Ready to Drink Your Moisturizer?

By Kelli Kennedy | May 2
The makeup industry is trying to convince people that looking good on the outside starts from within - but it's unclear whether the products they're trying to hawk are safe and effective.

Dallas Police Investigate Attack in Possible Gay Hate Crime

May 2
Dallas police are currently investigating an attack that occurred Saturday on man that could be a gay hate crime.

Slumber Party: Asbury Park's First New Hotel in 50 Years

By Shawn Marsh | May 2
Owners of the first new hotel to open in Asbury Park in more than 50 years hope they can convince locals and tourists alike that what was once considered a slum by the sea is now a destination with a bright future.

On Your Feet: Live - Original Broadway Cast Recording

By Steven Bergman | May 2
Can a trunk musical about the lives of Hispanic pop stars Gloria and Emilio Estefan provide Broadway-level entertainment?

Ride Along 2

By Michael Cox | May 2
If you loved the film "Ride Along" and you thrilled in the systematic chemistry between Kevin Hart and Ice Cube you won't be too disappointed with "Ride Along 2," a mirror-image knockoff of the original's cookie cutter formula.

Director Richard Linklater: There's Gay Subtext in 'Everybody Wants Some!!'

May 2
If you thought there was homoeroticism in Richard Linklater's new film "Everybody Wants Some!!" you aren't wrong.

Presidential Candidates Fight to Secure Delegates

May 2
Donald Trump was campaigning in Indiana on Sunday, where a double digit win would put him on track to secure the majority of delegates needed to win the nomination.

PopUps: ICYMI, Bieber Shaved Off His Dreads

May 2
Over the weekend, Justin Bieber shaved off his dreadful dreadlocks for a much shorter buzzcut.

Twitter Blows Up on Kirk Cameron Over Misogynistic Marriage Advice

May 2
"Why did Mike Seaver have to turn into such a douche?" tweeted one user.

Watch: Fiorina Takes a Tumble & Falls Off Stage at Event

May 2
Is Carly Fiorina melting like the witch in "The Wizard of OZ?" Nope, she just fell off the stage.

11 thru 20 of 94565 Stories