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New Way to Be Human: A Must Read

by William Kapfer
Sunday Jul 1, 2012

Prayer, work, and leisure are all necessary for a healthy life. Having someone remind you of these facts is truly a special gift. I've had the pleasure of such a guardian angel in my life for over a decade. Robert Taylor, my friend, mentor and spiritual advisor for over a decade was the dean of my church in Seattle -- Saint Mark's Episcopal Cathedral - and the first openly gay priest I'd ever met. In fact, Robert was the first openly gay Episcopal dean in the United States.

What resonated with me most about Robert was his personal investment in his congregation's spiritual guidance - leadership responsibility that he did not take lightly. Now, he's sharing his insights in his new book, "A New Way to Be Human: 7 Spiritual Pathways to Becoming Fully Alive!"

From his miraculous physical healing as a teenager in Cape Town, to fighting apartheid alongside Desmond Tutu, to his eventual immigration to the United States and appointment as one of the nation's highest ranking, openly gay Episcopal priests, Robert lives the question of how to integrate personal spirituality with a legacy of compassionate purpose in the world-and invites others to do the same.

"A New Way to Be Human" is an invaluable, relevant guide for the individual intent on transforming his or her life, revolutionizing our society, and improving our world.

Nothing pleases me more than to help Robert's book reach more people. Now readers will be able to see why I consider myself so honored to call this gentleman my hero and mentor. I've always believed that the value of a good mentor is immeasurable. Like me, Robert had an important mentor in his life, as well, Nobel Peace Prize laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu. The Archbishop played a pivotal role in Robert's life - as set forth in the book - and actually wrote the forward to the book, saying, " In a time when some people invoke the mantle of religion to divide and destroy, this book is a reminder of the God of Love who existed before religion."

I believe that members of the LGBT community who are interested in spirituality can gain invaluable lessons from its pages. It is Robert's hope that "readers will discover the power of sacred wisdom in the arc of their story, life and voice. That in seeking their own well being their heart space of love and compassion will expand. When you are grounded in your own well being you can't help but seek and work for the well being of others. Then you can't help but know your profound oneness with others. It is a way of living with delight and new life!"

Robert's philosophy grows from his life experiences and that of many others whose stories are seamlessly woven through the pages of this enlightening book. He brings the reader on a journey of self discovery, while dispenses fresh spiritual gems, such as "polishing the world," using our "spiritual positioning system," explaining we are made not only in the "image of God but also the imagination of God."

Each spiritual pathway has three specific "stepping stones" - concrete spiritual steps toward becoming fully who you are. This book is like having your own spiritual director at the ready to lead you, one who's kind, empathetic, and experienced.

"A New Way to Be Human," is a wonderful book, which challenges us to reach a higher order in expressing humanity. I would not only recommend picking up a copy, I would recommend signing up for Robert's weekly "Wake Up Call" a weekly e-message that underscores the importance of living our lives fully and with joy.


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